On Ramen @ Night Noodle Markets 2013, Hyde Park Sydney

Address: Hyde Park North, Sydney NSW

Website: http://sydney.goodfoodmonth.com/nightnoodlemarkets

Opening Hours:

October 9-12, 14-19, 21-26

Mon-Tue 5-9pm; Wed 5-10pm; Thur-Fri 5-11pm; Sat 4-10pm

* * *

MC and I headed back to the Noodle Markets this week to check out another popular item on the menu, the Ramen Burger.

We got there around 5.45pm, and after grabbing a couple of delicious satay chicken skewers to snack on, we headed over to the Ramen Burger stall.

photo 1

Satay Chicken Skewers, $3.00

As you can see from the photo, the queue was quite long as it was a popular choice.

photo 2

Now there has been a bit of a buzz about the Ramen Burger recently since it was launched by David Yip from On Ramen in Haymarket.

The dish has been popular in Japan, since invented by a 35 year old New Yorker obsessed with Ramen.

Making the patty involves cooking noodle patties until al dente, then washing them under cold water, infusing them with a ramen sauce, freezing it in a container and then frying them hot until crisp to create a “bun”.

photo 4

The vegetables on the burger include onion, lettuce, tomato and corn, and the burger can be made with either tofu or beef.

It comes with a side salad which includes, interestingly, watermelon.

photo 3

Beef Ramen Burger, $12.50

Overall, the burger is delicious. I loved the mayo tasting light sauce, with the fresh and delicious watermelon. The patty is crisp and firm, without being crunchy and breakable, and the beef is of good quality, delicious and juicy.

I would highly recommend trying this innovative take on Ramen and definitely suggest getting it while it’s hot at the night noodle markets, open until the end of this coming week!

If you miss the markets, check out On Ramen in Haymarket:

Address:  4/181-187 Hay Street, Haymarket

Tel: (02) 9211 6663

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Night Noodle Markets 2013, Hyde Park Sydney

Address: Hyde Park North, Sydney NSW

Website: http://sydney.goodfoodmonth.com/nightnoodlemarkets

Opening Hours:

October 9-12, 14-19, 21-26

Mon-Tue 5-9pm; Wed 5-10pm; Thur-Fri 5-11pm; Sat 4-10pm

* * *

Currently in its 15th year, the Night Noodle Markets in Hyde Park attracts about 200,000 people each year.

With over 40 delicious food stalls, which are mostly Asian, the Night Markets is a great way to enjoy the beautiful Spring weather with a drink and a quick and cheap meal with friends in beautiful Hyde Park.


Rekorderlig Cider invited me down to the markets to enjoy a drink at their beer garden.

A short stroll from Darlinghurst, Chinatown, Circular Quay and the city centre, it didn’t take me long to walk up after work, and when I got there (around 5.45pm), the place was already starting to fill up.

I was impressed by Rekorderlig’s chilled out set up with a “May pole” covered in green vines and flowers, beautiful fairy lights, quirky white trees on the tables and funky tunes coming from the (very young looking) DJ. 


Rekorderlig stall by day


Rekorderlig stall at night

The signature red and white chairs, seen at previous Rekorderlig stalls, looked comfortable and inviting and provided a great spot from which to sit back and people watch.

We ordered some drinks from the bar in the tent near the beer garden.


The staff were friendly despite the fact that they were probably dying from the heat that day as it was about 30 degrees in Sydney!


I ordered the Mango Raspberry cider, one of my favourites!

As always, it was ice cold, perfect for the hot summer day. This flavour is one of my favourites so I really enjoyed the fresh, crisp taste.

In some interesting news, I learnt that one of the favourites, Strawberry Lime Cider is now on tap and will be heading out to bars across town soon!

I also got the scoop on some exciting new developments next week- stay tuned for more information!


After checking out the Rekorderlig beer garden I met up with my lovely mum and we walked around the rest of the markets, looking at our options for dinner.


The place was packed out and the background music, Chinese dragon shows and buzz of happy people chatting in the park made for an exciting and fun environment.


The Night Noodle Markets are definitely a good place to take friends from overseas to, to showcase Sydney’s multiculturalism, or to enjoy a good meal after work from some of Sydney’s most popular Asian restaurants.

Some of the restaurants with stalls included East Ocean, Din Tai Fung, Jackie M Malaysian, Longrain and Zilver.

The Jackie M stall even has Ms M herself cooking at the front of the stall!


After a bit of walking around, I decided on a delicious box of fried goodness from East Ocean ($12.00). It included pork ribs, salt and pepper octopus and delicious prawns.

The ribs were soft and delicious, easy to eat and tender with a tomato and BBQ styled sauce.

While I am not a big fan of octopus (I don’t like the tentacles). I didn’t mind this as the thicker parts at the top were easy to eat and the fact that it was fried meant I didn’t notice the suckers on the tentacles as much!  🙂

The prawns were well cooked through and were great with the hot chilli sauce.


Mum decided to get a chicken curry with yellow rice from Chinta Ria, which she said reminded her of Sri Lankan biriyani.

photo 5

The chicken pieces were well-cooked and had absorbed the delicious spices from the curry. They were good pieces of chicken with plenty of meat on them.  The yellow rice was gently flavoured and had a slight sweetness from the sultanas.


We both enjoyed our meals and had a great time out.

I will definitely be returning to try out some of the other foods available, perhaps even the Ramen Burger!

Sydney Fish Markets, Pyrmont

Address: Pyrmont Bridge, Pyrmont NSW

Tel: (02) 9004 1100

* * *

MC and I hit up the Sydney Fish Markets (my first time) a couple weeks ago on a beautiful sunny Sydney winter day.


It was a really pleasant experience, the only hiccup being looking for parking. Parking costs only $3 for a maximum of 2 hours. It took us about 5-10 minutes until we finally found a spot but I think early goers or late comers would find it easier, as we probably got there in the peak 11-12pm lunch rush period.

7We enjoyed walking around and checking out the fresh fish specials, buying some prawns, crabs, and other fresh fish as we went.

There were all sorts of interesting fresh fish, including shark (see below).


We were also intrigued by the giant crabs in the tanks, which must have weighed about 20 kg each, although not as big as the ones we saw in Chinatown recently.


After a short walk around, we decided to grab some lunch. MC and I shared a huge seafood platter from Doyle’s.


We just got through but were stuffed full by the end of it!


One of the things I liked about the Fish Markets was that you could get freshly shucked oysters, fresh cooked fish or cooked prawns, pop over to one of the delis and grab some cheeses, crackers, bread, tartare sauce and wine, and sit out on the grass outside to enjoy a picnic.


There were plenty of people out there doing just that, and it was a perfect day for it.


Overall, we had a great time at the Fish Markets and I will definitely be returning again for some fresh and cooked seafood, maybe next time with a picnic blanket!