Taste of Sydney Festival (14-17 March 2013)

MC and I were pretty keen to check out the Taste of Sydney Festival, having really enjoyed it last year. So when I was offered the chance to attend as a guest of Rekorderlig Cider to taste the new passionfruit cider, I was really excited.

We got to Centennial Park around 12.05pm and found a huge queue of people waiting to get in. The gates for entry to the festival open at 12.00 midday for the first session and close at 4.00pm.



Luckily our friends at Rekorderlig came to the rescue with some fast-entry passes that got us in in no time at all. We were led over to the very chilled out Rekorderlig tent by the lovely Chantelle who offered us some of the new passionfruit cider to try.





MC was very excited, being a huge Rekorderlig fan and I (also a Rekorderlig lover), was pretty keen to try it out for myself! I had been expecting a slightly yellowish-coloured cider but we were surprised to find that the cider was clear and colourless. 


When we tasted the cider I thought it tasted a little like lemonade but I think that was just because it looked like it. There was quite a strong after-taste of passionfruit and the product was very pleasant to drink. You definitely need to be careful with this one because you could easily drink half a dozen of these ciders without even realising that they have alcohol in them! They are very addictive and refreshing.


After our ciders we decided to have a walk around and check out some of the stalls at the festival. It was a beautiful 30 degree Sydney day and we enjoyed getting some vitamin D whilst wining and dining over the four hours.

There were plenty of great stalls around. Some of the ones we purchased goods from/really liked included:

  • Fehlberg’s, which contained delish jars of pickled onions, preserved piquante peppers, honey and chilli garlic and spicy relishes;


  • Morish Nuts where MC purchased some tasty cashews for his parents;
  • ChocoMe- stall showcasing delicious handmade chocolates from Adelaide; 


  •  Jac Australian Wagyu beef; and


  •  the Malaysia Kitchen marquee- where we got to see Malaysian Chef Jackie M making Char Kway Teow




We also tried food from:



Here we ordered the BBQ Petuna ocean trout and tangy Mexican street salad with citrus jalapeno dressing. The trout was delicious and soft with a slightly smoky flavour from being cooked on the BBQ. We loved the fresh salad which was perfect on this hot day, consisting of melon, pineapple, dragonfruit and tomato.

  • Four in Hand;



At Four in Hand we tried the suckling roast pig with coleslaw and hot sauce. The pork was so soft and tender it almost melted in your mouth and the hot sauce was a bit like thousand island- slightly tangy and with a bit of a kick to it. the potatoes and coleslaw complemented this dish perfectly.

  • Longrain; and 



At Longrain we enjoyed turmeric chicken with rice noodles, wild ginger and Thai basil. The dish was probably my least favourite as there were a lot of pieces of herbs and chilli in the dish (and some other things which I couldn’t identify!). Although the chicken was tasty and spicy, the noodles were a little bland and difficult to pick up with the small plastic forks.

  • Duccio Gelato.




MC with the gelato

The gelato was refreshing and a great way to cool us down in between Rekorderlig stops. We chose forest fruits and passionfruit, two light and fruity flavours.

My favourite of all the dishes was Peter’s delicious trout with the delicious Mexican salad. It was an added bonus being able to meet him again (see also the Dilmah High Tea).


While at the Festival we also saw a few other famous Chefs and cooks including:

Julia and Mindy (MasterChef)


Aaron Harvie (MasterChef)


Sammy & Bella (My Kitchen Rules)

To keep us entertained and relaxed there were a few demonstration kitchens and stalls including the Dilmah High Tea stall, the Bertoli kitchen, Tasmanian produce demonstrations and some fun activities at the Beer & Cider hall (where MC tried his hand at arm wrestling a monkey arm!).





Overall, it was a great day out (followed by a night supporting Sydney FC against Melbourne Victory). We really enjoyed ourselves and will probably return again next year to see what new products Australia has to offer us!

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