Rekorderlig Cider & Sparkle Cupcakery- Mango-Raspberry Cupcake Launch



Products: Mango Raspberry Cupcakes and Mango Raspberry Rekorderlig Cider

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Sparkle Cupcakery-

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The Brands

It’s no secret that I love Rekorderlig and many of you will be aware that I really enjoy making (and eating) cupcakes as well.

Rekorderlig Cider has been awarded ‘Best Cider in Australia’ and the brand seems to be growing bigger and better, recently releasing its new Orange & Ginger flavoured cider, which I will be reviewing in the next few weeks.

Sparkle Cupcakery is a unique store which sells a range of cute cupcakes and offers fundraising options and delivery ($18.00) on boxes of 6 or more cupcakes.Their cupcakes are made using free-range eggs and are made fresh daily.

The Event

I was very excited to be invited to attend the launch of Rekorderlig Cider and Sparkle Cupcakery’s limited edition Mango-Raspberry cupcakes.

The launch was held at Sparkle Cupcakery’s Surry Hills store , and I brought MDS along with me to see what all the fuss is about!

The Surry Hills store is like a chic boutique with a white facade and black awnings. We arrived at 6.30pm and had our names marked off the guest list. There were about 30 people there, mostly girls, and the relatively small store was packed out.

There was free-flowing Mango-Raspberry Rekorderlig all night and as I can drink Rekorderlig like it’s water, I definitely took advantage of it and had a few glasses!

Loving the free cider

Mango-Raspberry Rekorderlig is delicious. It is one of MC’s favourite drinks and if you haven’t tried it before you must!

It was MDS’ first time trying Rekorderlig and she really enjoyed it. It is the type of drink that is light and sweet and doesn’t taste alcoholic, which makes it very very very easy to drink!

MDS having her first Rekorderlig

The Product: Mango-Raspberry Cupcakes

We were introduced to the star of the show when we were offered some mini Mango-Raspberry cupcakes to try. The product was a raspberry cupcake base with mango icing.

The cupcakes were cute and the icing on top was quite plain compared to cupcakes in some other stores, but this allowed you to really taste the cupcake instead of the toppers or decoration on top of it.

The cupcake itself was light and golden. Although it was a mini cupcake, it had plenty of raspberries in it.

There was quite a lot of icing for the small cupcake, and it tasted like a mango mousse. It was light and fluffy with a pale yellow colour. I had expected a much more prominent mango flavour, but it was quite subtle and the cupcake was the main focus.

The best thing about the cupcake was that it wasn’t too sweet. You could still taste the flavours in the cupcake without being overpowered by sugar and icing. Although there was a lot of icing, the icing was light and had the consistency of whipped cream.

Overall I would say that the Mango-Raspberry Cupcakes and Mango-Raspberry Cider are both delicious. The cupcakes would be perfect for a tea party or birthday party and the cider is a great drink for lazing by the pool or a picnic or BBQ.


I give the cupcakes 6/10 and the cider 8/10.




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