My food bucket list!

Sydney is full of great restaurants and more and more of them seem to be popping up each day! Shows like Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules contribute to the growing interest in restaurants, chefs and food in general.

Here is a list of some of the Sydney restaurants I am looking forward to trying!:

  1. Quay
  2. Marque
  3. Flying Fish
  4. Assiette, Surry Hills
  5. Est.
  6. Aria
  7. Guillame at Bennelong
  8. Ms. G’s
  9. Pilu at Freshwater, Manly
  10. 360 Bar and Dining
  11. MissChu
  12. Jamie’s Italian
  13. Bavarian Bier Cafe
  14. Xanthi
  15. Mamak- Chatswood and City
  16. Zaafran
  17. Bentley Restaurant and Bar, Surry Hills
  18. Claude’s Woollahra
  19. Kazbah
  20. Din Tai Fung
  21. Hard Rock Cafe
  22. Jordan’s Seafood Restaurant
  23. The Meat & Wine Co.
  24. The Malaya
  25. Four in Hand
  26. El  Jannah
  27. Guylian Chocolate Cafe
  28. Lindt Cafe
  29. I’m Angus Steakhouse
  30. Hurricane’s Grill
  31. Ribs n Rump
  32. Grill’d Burgers
  33. Kingsley’s Steakhouse
  34. Nick’s Bar and Grill, Seafood, Steakhouse
  35. Rocks Teppanyaki
  36. Tetsuya’s
  37. Kobe Jones 
  38. Ash Street Cellar
  39. Danks St. Depot
  40. Buon Ricordo, Paddington
  41. Adriano Zumbo’s
  42. Patisse
  43. Opera Bar and Restaurant
  44. Cafe Sydney
  45. Rockpool Bar and Grill & Rockpool
  46. Mad Cow
  47. Bather’s Pavillion, Balmoral
  48. Sepia
  49. Spice Temple
  50. Universal, Darlinghurst-closing soon
  51. Catalina, Rose Bay
  52. Wagamama
  53. East Ocean
  54. Foveaux
  55. Bridge Street Garage
  56. Icebergs, Bondi
  57. Otto Ristorante
  58. Billy Kwong
  59. Bodega Tapas restaurant
  60. Oscillate Wildly, Newtown
  61. Felix
  62. Sake restaurant and bar
  63. Altitude at the Shangri-La
  64. The Cook’s Garden, Turramurra
  65. Wildfire
  66. Aki’s Indian
  67. Jonah’s, Whale Beach
  68. Fish Face
  69. Tomislav Restaurant
  70. Sean’s Panaroma, Bondi
  71. Garfish
  72. The Sailor’s Club
  73. Orto Trading Co
  74. The Bridge Room
  75. Hartsyard
  76. Sous le Soleil
  77. Burch and Purchese Melbourne
  78. Monopole
  79. Darley’s Lilianfel’s
  80. Papi Chulo, Manly
  81. China Republic
  82. Gowings Bar and Grill
  83. Palmer & Co
  84. MoVida
  85. Mr Wong
  86. House of Crab
  87. Nomad
  88. La Maison De L’eclair
  89. The Boathouse, Palm Beach
  90. Longrain
  91. The Fat Duck, UK
  92. Blackflower Patisserie
  93. Ministry of Crab, Sri Lanka
  94. Three Williams, Redfern

Also see High Tea TO DO List.

Keep checking my blog to see my reviews and posts about the restaurants as I tick them off my list!

Three Williams, Redfern ($$)

Address: 613a Elizabeth Street Redfern NSW

Tel: (02) 9698 1111


* * *

I was super excited to be invited for a menu tasting at Three Williams in Redfern, along with some of my fave food bloggers, Excuse Me Waiter, The Lamstock, Simon Food Favourites, VegeTARAian, Jugernauts, 84th and 3rdFood is our Religion and Hillary and Dijon.

I’d heard a lot about the Three Williams and was keen to find out whether it lived up to my expectations.



Three Williams is located in Redfern, in an area that is apparently “not in the dodgy part of Redfern,” I was told.

The easiest way to get there is to drive, and there is plenty of parking out the front.  MC kindly dropped me off right at the door of the cafe.


The cafe was busy but not quite full when I arrived at 9.30am for brunch.


By the time we left at 11.30 however, there was a steady stream of customers walking through the door and a serious queue forming of patient customers, waiting by the counter for a table.


The crowd at the Three Williams is a somewhat “messy cool” mix of mothers with screaming children, playing in the kids corner and trendy foodies casually enjoying a coffee and muesli.


The decor is simple and almost “warehousey” but still quite funky, with a mix of light wood and industrial grey paints.

Overall, the place oozes a trendy and hip vibe and is perfect for those looking for a quick, quality meal before heading out to the markets or going to explore the city.  That is, if you can get a table!


Service during our tasting was quite good.


The staff were all polite and friendly but perhaps a little overwhelmed by the busy crowds and in particular, our fussy table of food bloggers!


This is what it is like to dine with food bloggers!

While I thought they did a great job with handling most of the orders, my Chai Latte did take a while to come out (I had to ask how it was going to remind them).

Overall however, service was quite good and I don’t have any major complaints.


Upon our arrival we were served coffee and drinks.

There was a delicious jug of fresh OJ, which was sweet and bright orange, perfect for the warm weather.


Fresh Orange Juice, $5 a glass

The coffees were spot on. They were well presented and well made.


House Chai Latte, $5.00

We also enjoyed a delicious Pineapple and Mint Soda.


Pineapple and Mint Soda, $12.00 a jug

Some of the bloggers ordered the Peanut Butter Smoothie. I tried a little and oh my…. it was peanutty and creamy yet oddly (a little) bitter.  A strange mix of Reese’s Pieces and milkshake.


Peanut Caramel Shake, $6.00

I also noticed some other great items on the drink menu, including the Banana, Medjool Date and Walnut Praline Shake and Willie’s 100% Cacao Hot Chocolate.


Chef Tim Bryan of Aria and Chiswick fame is the driving force behind the Three Williams menu.

To start off, we tried some items on the breakfast menu (available 7am until 3pm). VegeTARAian tried the Granola with Hibiscus Pear, a delicious combination of fruit toasted muesli with creamy yoghurt and a delicious deep red, sweet pear. I tried a little and absolutely loved the lightness of the yogurt and pear and the tasty, crunchy granola.  Perfect for the health conscious!



Granola with Hibiscus Pear, $12.00

The Spicy Smashed Beans with Avocado on Charred Toast was also delicious. The beans had the perfect amount of spice and were great combined with creamy avocado and crispy toast.  84th and 3rd also commented that she enjoyed this dish.


Spicy Smashed Beans with Avocado on Charred Toast, $13.00

The Merchant burger, chilli fried egg, crispy bacon, pickled slaw, ranch dressing on a warm brioche bun was an interesting idea but I have to admit that I couldn’t really taste any chilli in the egg, although I did enjoy the pickled slaw.


The Merchant, $12.00

The Poached Eggs, Marinated Bull Horn Peppers, Serrano Ham, Feta and Dukkah, on toast was quite tasty. The eggs were nicely poached (apparently in glad wrap from the lines on them), and the ham and peppers went really well with them, creating a nice balance of sweetness and saltiness.


Poached Eggs with Peppers, Ham, Feta and Dukkah, $16.00

To finish off the eggs feast, there was The Big William: bacon, fried eggs, nuremberg sausage, roma tomato, hash, onion relish.


Big William, $17.00

Of all the breakfast dishes, my favourite had to be the French Toast.  The brioche toast was crumbly, almost like a cake, and was drenched in a gooey maple syrup and topped with pecans.  The tangy yogurt and fresh blueberries and raspberries complemented it perfectly.


Brioche French Toast, $14.00

If all that wasn’t enough we then moved on to the BEST HOT CHIPS I HAVE EVER TASTED. Crunchy. Salty. Crisp. Golden. Soft. AMAZING. These chips are the chips dreams are made of.  If you like chips, these are the ish.


Beer battered chips with house aioli, $6.00

We also enjoyed some creamy and cheesy fish croquettes with lemon juice.


Fish Croquettes with Lemon and Aioli, $3 each

We then tried some of the Caramelised Cauliflower Tabouli, a mix of cauliflower, pomegranate, quinoa, walnuts and preserved lemon. We had this dish without chicken for the benefit of the vegetarians at the table with us.


???????????????????????????????Caramelised Cauliflower Tabouli, $13 or $15 with chicken

The final brunch meals before dessert were the Narnies. Sarnies but narnies. These are basically sandwiches made with naan bread.

While I didn’t really like the naan bread (I found it a little tough to chew and difficult to cut up), I did enjoy the fillings.

The prawn naanie was a fresh and light almost “prawn taco-like” combination of avocado, corn, lettuce and prawns.


Prawn, iceberg lettuce, avocado and aioli, $14.00

The fried tempeh narnie was pretty spicy and tasted a bit like the filling for my Sri Lankan tuna fish pastries. It contained carrot, asian pickled vegetables, sriracha, and lime mayo. The tempeh was quite interesting, unlike anything I have had before, and I learnt that it was made of fermented soybeans, pressed into a pattie.


Fried tempeh narnie, $12.00

Finally, the most delicious of them all, the glazed beef narnie. This delicious brisket, gherkin and chipotle narnie was tender, tangy and colourful. The beautiful glaze on the beef and the delicious sweet yet spicy chipotle were a match made in heaven.


Glazed beef narnie, $14.00

Already full, we moved on to desserts, savouring the crispy glazed Grapefruit Donuts and Chocolate Brownies.???????????????????????????????

Brownies and Donuts

The Donuts were quite average, but the Brownie was heaven. It was slightly crispy on the outside yet fudgey and rich on the inside, the perfect consistency.

Although some of the other bloggers were too full by this stage and too “chocolate-d out” I happily devoured my share of the Brownies (and perhaps a little more!).


Overall I loved the experience at Three Williams. The menu is so different to any I have seen before and the standout dishes for me- the french toast, the brownie and the hot chips were fantastic.



I would most certainly recommend giving this place ago if you are in the area!


I would rate my experience (out of 10):

  • Service- 6.5
  • Food-  9
  • Ambience-  7.75
  • Value – 7.75

The TCFB dined as a guest of Wasamedia and the Three Williams.

Three Williams on Urbanspoon

Fratelli Fresh, Bridge Street Sydney ($$)

Address: 11 Bridge Street, Sydney NSW

Tel: (02) 8298 2700


Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri 10.00 am -7.00 pm

* * *

A reunion with some of my friends from law school brought me to FINALLY try Fratelli Fresh in Sydney’s CBD.  I’d heard a lot about this place and was keen to see what it was all about.


Fratelli is located just off Bridge Street and you need to walk down a small, dark set of stairs to get to the actual restaurant. As it is underground, it has a sort of “cellar-ish” vibe to it with mood lighting, lots of wood and some interesting chalk board menus placed around the restaurant.

The space also serves as a providore which sells some of Fratelli’s sauces, fresh fruit and vegetables and pasta, among other things.

At the front of the restaurant is the kitchen with a wood-fire oven, where the pizza is made. The front seating area has some tables and chairs,while the back bar area has some (very uncomfortable  high tables and chairs which I found difficult to sit on. Bar stools and bench tops line the kitchen and bar areas all around the restaurant. 

Overall the space is quite nice, with a warm and inviting feel to it. The space is large and the cellar atmosphere makes it a cosy space in which you can enjoy some after work drinks and home-style food.


I arrived at the restaurant at 5.40pm, 20 minutes before the scheduled meeting time with my friends. I was hoping to find a little corner to sit in and read my book (Anna Karenina btw) while I waited.

I stood in line beside the “Please Wait to Be Seated” sign and despite there being two wait staff members chatting nearby, I did not receive any attention. I waited there for about 2-3 minutes (seemed like 5-10) while the waiters walked around organising themselves. Eventually one girl came over to me and said she would get the manager. I would have been happy with a “Good evening, we’re a little busy setting up but someone will be with you shortly.” But no. Eventually the manager came over, wrote my name down on her list and a waitress led me to a table.

Despite the shaky start, our waitress during dinner was lovely. She was friendly and helpful and despite the fact that we weren’t always able to get her attention when we wanted it (I’ll excuse that as the restaurant was very busy), she accommodated any requests we made.




Food was rustic and home-style. The menu was a bit tricky to read for non-Italian speakers but would be alright for those who, like me, know some food-related Italian words (such as formaggi!).

We ordered two sides to share between us: the Chips and the Raddichio with dressing. The chips were delicious thick-cut chips which were golden, piping hot and perfectly salted-delicious. The radicchio was beautiful and colourful, with fresh and crunchy leaves. The bitterness of the leaves was great against the tangy dressing. My only complaint would be that the leaves were so large which made it difficult to eat, but this is a minor complaint.



I ordered the Lamb Ragu with Rigatoni. This dish came under the “Primi” options (first course/entree) on the menu so it was a smallish serving. Plenty for me but not enough for a big eater such as my brother. The lamb was soft and tender, the pasta al dente and the sauce tomato-ey. The dish was well presented and topped with parmesan cheese. Not an amazing dish but quite satisfying.


My friend SB ordered from the main menu, chicken schnitzel with coleslaw. It was quite a small serving and the chicken was quite dry as it was very thin. The coleslaw had beautiful colours and was well presented and tasty.


heetz ordered the Orecchiette with mushrooms, smashed peas and mint. Orecchiette is a sort of thumb print shaped pasta which means “little ears”. While the subtle mint flavour and creamy peas made for an interesting dish, Sheetz unfortunately received shell pasta and linguine instead of orecchiette, which was disappointing. We weren’t told that there was no orecchiette and that she would get a different pasta, we were just served a different kind with no apologies. Even more disappointing, there were only about two mushrooms in the dish!


Vegetarian PS ordered the risotto with mushrooms, taleggio and marsala. I tried a little and was delighted with the dish. It was well -cooked, creamy, and the most flavoursome dish of them all. A very good option for vegetarians who like Italian food.


For dessert we ordered two dishes to share between us.

The first was the Torta Banoffee- banoffee pie. If you don’t know what a Banoffee Pie is check out this link (you can thank me later). I expected an individual sized tart piled high with banana and oozing caramel. What we got was quite different. We received a slice of the tart instead of an individual sized serving which, I think, doesn’t look that great on the plate. The biscuit base was quite hard to cut through and there was only one thin layer of banana. While the caramel tasted nice, it wasn’t gooey and oozing out as I had hoped. The cream tasted a bit like banana however, which added to the flavour of the dish overall.


Our second dessert option was the Mango and white chocolate semifreddo with fresh mango and meringue. This dish was quite nicely presented with cute mini meringue buttons on top and a gorgeous glossy sauce on the plate. The semifreddo had a creamy mango flavour and there were generous serves of fresh mango on top of it which livened up the dish a lot. The sauce was sweet and tangy and the meringues added some texture and bite. A delicious dessert which I really enjoyed.



Overall, not a bad restaurant. Service at the door could be improved a little by friendlier staff and more attention to customers. There is a lot of variety in the dining options and the food is cooked well and presented nicely. Great dessert menu and cool interior. Would definitely recommend this place!


The bill came to $140.00 – $35.00 pp (excluding drinks).


Overall I would rate my experience (out of 10):

    • Service- 6.5
    • Food- 7.5
    • Ambience- 7.5
    • Value – 7.5

Café Sopra at Fratelli Fresh on Urbanspoon

Gelato Messina, The Star Sydney CBD ($)

Address; Shop 1/241 Victoria St  Darlinghurst NSW

Tel: (02) 8354 1223


* * *

After dinner at Criniti’s with my colleagues, we headed over to Gelato Messina in Pyrmont for dessert.

We were all really full from lunch but wanted to check out the flavours and see what was on offer.



The quantities and amazing flavours on show made all of us drool and it wasn’t long before the three girls were umming and ahhing over them, eventually choosing two scoops each.  The one boy in the group went for a limoncello sorbet in a cone.

I chose dulce de leche which was delicious and caramelly, creamy and slightly bitter, and The Guido which was a rich chocolate flavour with amaretto.


Both were fabulous but after eating about 1.5 scoops, I couldn’t have any more! They were very rich and a bit too much for one person to have after a huge lunch.

That said, they were really nice and although I normally go for fruity ice creams and sorbets, I did not regret the rich chocolatey flavours that I chose this time around!

Gelato Messina Pyrmont on Urbanspoon

Deck on Bent, Moore Park ($$)

Address: The Entertainment Quarter, Shop 215, G05 Bent Street, Moore Park NSW

Tel: (02) 9331 4166


* * *

MDS, MC, Nicole, Matty, Daniel and I visited Deck on Bent after a failed attempt to get a table at the Bavarian Bier Cafe before the Roosters v Dragons Anzac Day rugby game.

Unfortunately the BBC was packed out and the only other option we could come up with was this place.


The atmosphere outside was great thanks to the excited crowd waiting for the game to begin. Inside, the restaurant was a typical average-looking cafe. It looked alright but wasn’t anything special.


Service was quite good and our waiters were really nice.

I was a bit disappointed however to find that my lemon lime bitters didn’t have a lemon wedge in it and Matty wasn’t happy that his didn’t have ice in it. It’s the little things that count after all!


For food, some of us ordered Fish n Chips, some ordered the Chicken Schnitzel and some, including myself, ordered the Beef Burger.


Beef Burger, $15.90

The beef burger was OK. The beef was well-cooked. The chips crunchy, and the salad was …well….a salad. The dish was well presented and the serving size was great.

MC’s schnitzel was a bit of a disappointment as the chicken was more of a crumbed breast than a schnitzel. It needed to be flattened before it was battered and cooked. His chips however were delicious and tasted of rosemary and other mixed herbs.

MDS and Daniel ordered the Fish n Chips. There was a large piece of fish with this order and the same chips as I had with my burger. Presentation was good and the serving size was fantastic!


I would rate my experience (out of 10):

  • Service-5
  • Food-6
  • Ambience-6
  • Value –7.5

Champagne High Tea @ Hyde Park Barracks Cafe

Address: Queen Square, Macquarie Street Sydney 2000

Tel: (02) 9222 1815


* * *

Hyde Park Barracks Cafe is located in the grounds of the Hyde Park Barracks Museum, a world heritage listed site which is rich in Australian colonial history.


Although just a little difficult to find if you don’t know the area well, the cafe is centrally located near St James train station in the Sydney CBD.

It has a lovely modern interior despite the old brick exterior and wooden ceiling.


The decor is fresh and inviting and on this particularly muggy day, was quite cool and relaxing.


We had two lovely waiters, especially the guy who served us most of the afternoon who was funny, friendly, and happy to take photos for us. One waitress was a little disorganised and served us very watery tea- was obviously not happy with her service!

After we were seated, the nicer waiter served us champagne and filled our water glasses with water infused with lemon- very refreshing.


Another waiter brought out our high tea tray for four.


We started with the savoury dishes first:

  • Arancini balls -these were delicious, warm, and had a lovely crunchy exterior. The soft and cheesy rice was perfectly balanced by the tangy sauce. They were a hit with all four of us and I could have easily eaten all four arancini myself!
  • Frittata- the spanish omelette/frittata was quite small but was full of vegetables and was tasty nonetheless.
  • Salmon, cucumber and dill sandwich with cream cheese- I love salmon but the dill here was a little overpowering. I would have preferred a little less cream cheese or a little more salmon as well.
  • Toasted sandwich with cheese, prosciutto and asparagas (I think!)- this toasted cheesy sandwich was delicious and tasty and had plenty of cured meat in it.




The middle tier contained:

  • Cheesecake- we couldn’t work out if it was a pecan (?)  or caramel (?) cheesecake. I am not usually a cheesecake fan but I ate it anyway and it was OK. I wouldn’t want seconds though!
  • Scones with jam and cream- scones were a little dry but the jam was amazing, with real strawberries and a rich, sweet flavour. There wasn’t enough jam for the four of us though so that was a negative.
  • Chocolate brownie- very, very rich but oh so good. One of my favourites out of the sweets. My friend Laura also loved the brownie.




The top tier contained:

  • Lemon meringue tart- this mini tart was a little burnt on top but the lemon curd was delicious and tangy. “Very lemony” said MDS!
  • Mini pavlovas were cute and enjoyable with crisp meringue and soft cream. Would have liked some passionfruit on top to add colour and a burst on sourness.


Not a bad high tea. The lovely guy who was our waiter really made it a nice experience.

The food wasn’t too amazing but there were a few standouts- the arancini and the brownies which were really delicious.

Would I go there again? For high tea, probably not, but I would love to try the delicious brunch or lunch menus that I saw some of the other diners enjoying!


Overall I would rate my dining experience (out of 10):

    • Service- 7.5
    • Food- 7
    • Ambience- 7
    • Value – 7

Hyde Park Barracks Cafe on Urbanspoon

Rekorderlig Cider & Sparkle Cupcakery- Mango-Raspberry Cupcake Launch



Products: Mango Raspberry Cupcakes and Mango Raspberry Rekorderlig Cider

Available at: 


Sparkle Cupcakery-

* * *

The Brands

It’s no secret that I love Rekorderlig and many of you will be aware that I really enjoy making (and eating) cupcakes as well.

Rekorderlig Cider has been awarded ‘Best Cider in Australia’ and the brand seems to be growing bigger and better, recently releasing its new Orange & Ginger flavoured cider, which I will be reviewing in the next few weeks.

Sparkle Cupcakery is a unique store which sells a range of cute cupcakes and offers fundraising options and delivery ($18.00) on boxes of 6 or more cupcakes.Their cupcakes are made using free-range eggs and are made fresh daily.

The Event

I was very excited to be invited to attend the launch of Rekorderlig Cider and Sparkle Cupcakery’s limited edition Mango-Raspberry cupcakes.

The launch was held at Sparkle Cupcakery’s Surry Hills store , and I brought MDS along with me to see what all the fuss is about!

The Surry Hills store is like a chic boutique with a white facade and black awnings. We arrived at 6.30pm and had our names marked off the guest list. There were about 30 people there, mostly girls, and the relatively small store was packed out.

There was free-flowing Mango-Raspberry Rekorderlig all night and as I can drink Rekorderlig like it’s water, I definitely took advantage of it and had a few glasses!

Loving the free cider

Mango-Raspberry Rekorderlig is delicious. It is one of MC’s favourite drinks and if you haven’t tried it before you must!

It was MDS’ first time trying Rekorderlig and she really enjoyed it. It is the type of drink that is light and sweet and doesn’t taste alcoholic, which makes it very very very easy to drink!

MDS having her first Rekorderlig

The Product: Mango-Raspberry Cupcakes

We were introduced to the star of the show when we were offered some mini Mango-Raspberry cupcakes to try. The product was a raspberry cupcake base with mango icing.

The cupcakes were cute and the icing on top was quite plain compared to cupcakes in some other stores, but this allowed you to really taste the cupcake instead of the toppers or decoration on top of it.

The cupcake itself was light and golden. Although it was a mini cupcake, it had plenty of raspberries in it.

There was quite a lot of icing for the small cupcake, and it tasted like a mango mousse. It was light and fluffy with a pale yellow colour. I had expected a much more prominent mango flavour, but it was quite subtle and the cupcake was the main focus.

The best thing about the cupcake was that it wasn’t too sweet. You could still taste the flavours in the cupcake without being overpowered by sugar and icing. Although there was a lot of icing, the icing was light and had the consistency of whipped cream.

Overall I would say that the Mango-Raspberry Cupcakes and Mango-Raspberry Cider are both delicious. The cupcakes would be perfect for a tea party or birthday party and the cider is a great drink for lazing by the pool or a picnic or BBQ.


I give the cupcakes 6/10 and the cider 8/10.