Surfers Paradise Beach Cafe, Surfers Paradise QLD ($)

Address: 4 The Esplanade, Surfers Paradise, QLD

Tel: (07) 5527 6183


* * *

The day after we visited Muse, MC and I stumbled across Surfer’s Beach Cafe on our morning walk to the beach.


It was quite crowded as it was peak breakfast period and the cafe is located at an ideal spot, right opposite the beach.


In order to order we needed a table to sit at, so we stood around for a few minutes waiting.  We were a bit disappointed that there were about two to three tables of families that were taking up more space than they needed.  If they had moved down the table a bit we would have had plenty of room to sit.

Despite the wait for a table, we eventually found a seat by the entrance.


The cafe has a lovely laid back surfer atmosphere.  There are surfboards on the wall and lots of yellow, blue and white around the room.


The tables are a sort of old, worn white and the place gives off a very calm and chilled out vibe, except for the hustle and bustle of the busy diners.


Service wasn’t very prominent as you have to order at the counter, which is probably a good idea given how popular the place is! Despite this, our food came out within about ten minutes and the staff were quick when we asked for things like serviettes and salt.


I ordered a Tropicana Smoothie which was a very tropical combination of mango, pineapple, passionfruit and banana, some of my favourite fruits.


Tropicana Smoothie, $8.50

For breakky I had the Big Beach Breakfast and MC ordered the Stack of Pancakes.

The breakfast was great, it was colourful and tasted flavoursome, the eggs were perfectly poached, the hashbrowns were crunchy, the bacon crisp and the tomato fresh.

Overall it was a pretty darn good fry up.


Big Beach Breakfast, $19.50

MC’s pancakes were amazing, some of the best I have had.

I am a big fan of the thick, fluffy pancakes, the McDonald’s style ones that soak up all the syrup and just melt in your mouth. None of this crepe business.

These pancakes were all that and more.  They came with a side of butter, maple syrup and whipped cream and they were absolutely delicious.



Stack of Pancakes, $9.95


Surfers Beach Cafe is one of those great finds that has a great view, a lovely atmosphere and a fantastic menu.  The wait can be a little frustrating but it was worth it for the view!


I would rate my experience (out of 10):

  • Service-  4
  • Food-  8
  • Atmosphere- 8
  • Value – 7.5

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Max Brenner, Parramatta ($)

Address: 159-175 Church St Parramatta NSW

Tel: (02) 9635 7566


* * *

We all know I’m a big fan of chocolate.

And it is no surprise that MaxB is my favourite chocolate shop of them all.

So of course, after watching the Roosters play the Eels in Parramatta, I suggested that we head over to MB for some good ol’ chocoloving!


MC and I at the game

On a Friday night, Parramatta is always pretty busy. As the main town area in the West, it is full of western Sydney siders keen for a drink, a meal or a movie (at Parra Westfields).


Some of us went for the Eels others the Roosters!

After the game, we walked over to MaxB and we were all keen for something warm and sweet to heat us up after the chilly walk.



MDS was excited to meet Roosters player Jared Warea- Hargreaves

I decided to go with the banana crepes which were up to the usual MaxB standard (which is: awesomeness).


MDS ordered the chocolate lick, Dino (my cuz) ordered the hot chocolate with crunchy waffle balls, and The Incredible Hulk (:p) ordered the chocolate souffle.

Unfortunately the hot chocolate MC ordered was below par. It was too thick and dense and not like the hot chocolates I am used to at MaxB. I think it was made of cream rather than thick chocolate and a little milk. Very disappointing.


Nonetheless we all enjoyed the chocolate hit and a warm place to chat in before making our way home!
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The Butcher’s Block, Wahroonga ($$)

Address: 15 Redleaf Ave, Wahroonga NSW

Tel: (02) 9487 8136


Opening hours:

Sunday- Closed

Monday – Saturday: 6:00 am – 5:00 pm

* * *

Prowsey and I decided to catch up for some Saturday morning brekky. Prowsey is one of my best friends and although we are both pretty busy with work and other commitments we have been making more of an effort to catch up regularly.

We decided to head over to Butcher’s Block to try out the brekky menu.

I had been here before with ClareBear and really enjoyed it and Prowsey has been a few times as well.



I arrived at Butcher’s Block at about 10.15 am. The plan was to meet at 10.30 am and I expected that Prowsey would be a bit late – as she usually is- but wanted to get there early to get a table.

When I got there I stood around the front for a bit before finding the person with the “magic clipboard” which would get you a table. After writing my name down on the list, I waited about 30 mins standing outside.


I must admit that the system at Butcher’s Block is not the best. If I had not been there before I might have been waiting outside for a long time before I realised that I needed to put my name on a list. I think a better system would be for the person with the clipboard to either wait outside to greet guests or for them to have the clipboard outside with a sign telling people to write their names on it (similar to that at Sushi Hotaru).

Either way, despite the poor organisation of the “magic clipboard”, Prowsey arrived at about 10.45 and we finally got a seat inside.


Service was pretty good – our food was brought out quickly and everyone was really friendly, helpful and polite.

The one issue I had was that they seemed to be hurrying us up to leave. We felt that they would constantly come over to us and ask us how we were going or clearing plates as soon as we put the fork and knife down. Understandably they are really busy and want to get people in and out, but you certainly feel it! Not the place to go when you want to take your time eating and drinking.


Atmosphere was lovely and exciting, full of the clinks of forks and knives and people talking. The cute decor is perfect for the spot (see my previous post on The Butcher’s Block for more details), and luckily it wasn’t raining so the beautiful sunshine was streaming through the windows and open outdoor seating at the back.

Overall it’s a pretty nice and peaceful spot and quite cosy too if not for the fact that it is so busy!



Prowsey decided to order the Big Breakfast with a side of mushrooms. Prowsey loves mushrooms and was pleased with the large quantity of mushrooms she got for only $4.00. She also enjoyed the sourdough bread and lovely eggs. She also had two skim cappuccinos which were beautifully presented and which came out really quickly.


I ordered the Ricotta Pancakes with Caramelised Bananas and Cream. The ricotta pancakes were soft and thick, deliciously puffy and melt in your mouth good. The bananas were cooked in the pan until they were just soft on the outside, and the caramel on top was crunchy and hard, adding a bitterness to the starchy bananas and sweet pancakes. The dish was delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed it, would definitely get it again.


The coffee was delicious and although I don’t drink coffee that often I had two cups- a latte and a capp! They also do takeaway which seems to be popular with the soccer and rugby mums in the area!


Overall my meal cost $23.00


I would rate my experience (out of 10):

  • Service- 5.5
  • Food- 8.5
  • Ambience- 6
  • Value –6 

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Pancakes on the Rocks, The Rocks Sydney ($$)

Address: 4 Hickson Road, The Rocks

Tel: (02) 9247 6371


* * *

On Friday night I organised for some of my school and exchange friends to go out. We began with happy hour (5-7pm) drinks at the Establishment and were originally going to have dinner there as well. However, as it was overcrowded and we couldn’t find a table we decided to head to Pancakes on the Rocks.

This proved to be a good choice as the 8 of us were quickly seated.

We ordered the following:

  • Chicken & Bacon Pizza, $17.95

MDS and I shared this pizza along with the Strawberry Patch pancakes. I really enjoyed it as there was plenty of chicken and bacon and the base was the perfect thickness. It was a decent sized pizza and everyone knows pizza is the perfect food for sharing!

  • 3 x Devil’s Delight Pancakes, $13.95

Three people ordered the Devil’s Delight (chocolate overload) pancakes. While it looks delicious and sounds like a chocolate lover’s heaven, they commented that it was a little dry.

I have had this item before and also tried some of MC’s Devil’s Delight. I agree that they were dry and I also noticed that they were much drier than the Strawberry Patch pancakes that MDS and I ordered, possibly due to the addition of chocolate powder or cocoa to the batter?

  • Tabriz Savoury Crepe, $14.95

One friend ordered the savoury crepe which was a ground beef and mushrooms in a red wine and tomato -based sauce. I am not usually a fan of savoury crepes and didn’t try this so I can’t comment, but here is a picture of what it looked like:

  • Brandied Apricots Pancakes, $10.95

After the Tabriz crepes he was still hungry and ordered this pancake dish. It looked very very sweet but apricots are an interesting topping for pancakes and I’m sure the ice cream and apricot combination was great!

  • Fisherman’s Catch, $21.95

Always a winner the Fisherman’s Catch was crispy and golden!

  • Aussie Sunrise Breakfast, $12.95

The Swiss and Czech girls who shared this dish said they really enjoyed it and the caramelised banana was supposed to be delicious. A very reasonably priced dish for so much food!

  • Strawberry Patch Pancakes, $12.95

MDS and I also shared these pancakes. They were moist and tasty and we ate it all! Definitely recommend this!


Cheap meals with good portion sizes, a variety of food options, a nice atmosphere and a convenient location.


Overall I would rate my dining experience (out of 10):

    • Service- 5
    • Food- 7
    • Ambience- 7
    • Value – 8

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Blueberry Pancakes with Honey & Ice Cream (makes about 10-12)

This is a delicious pancake recipe which is perfect for both breakfasts and desserts!


  • Spray oil
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 1/2 cups plain flour
  • 2 1/4 Tsp baking powder
  • 3 Tbsp sugar
  • 1/2 Tsp salt
  • 1 cup milk
  • 3 Tbsp melted butter
  • 1 cup fresh or frozen blueberries


1. Separate eggs and beat the egg whites with an electric mixer until they are stiff.
2. In another bowl beat egg yolks, milk and melted butter until mixed well.
3. In a separate bowl mix the flour, sugar, salt and baking powder.
3. Add the egg/milk/butter mixture to the flour mixture and beat with a spoon or spatula until smooth.
4. Fold in egg whites.
5. Add blueberries and fold until they are evenly distributed in the batter.
6. Heat a medium pan over the stove and spray with oil. Pour batter onto the pan and cook until bottom of pancake is golden. Flip and cook on the other side then transfer the pancake to a plate.
Repeat until all batter is used.
7. Drizzle with honey (or maple syrup) and serve with a scoop of ice cream.

Cafe Mason

Address: 320 Mason Street, San Francisco CA 94102 United States

Tel: (415) 544-0320



* * *

One fine morning while holidaying in San Francisco, my bestie and I woke up with a hunger for a big breakkie!

We were lucky enough to stumble across Cafe Mason, a small eatery which specialises in producing homemade breakfasts, lunches and dinners from scratch using fresh ingredients.

We were pleased to find that we were able to have unlimited tea, as we were given a large jug of water and a bowl full of tea bags!

I enjoyed the smoked bacon or sausage with eggs ($9.95), which included a “choice of side dish: home fries (Yukon Potato ), fresh fruit, roasted tomato with basil and herbs, or slices of fresh tomato, and a choice of toast (nine grain, white, rye ; or add 25¢ for English mun; or add 50¢ for homemade banana-nut bread; or add 95¢ for croissant).” I chose the sausages and tomatoes with basil and herbs.

My bestie got the Eggs Benedict ($10.95)- poached eggs and ham topped with Hollandaise sauce.

Source: photo from Cafe Mason website

The food was great and the service was excellent. We thought the place was really funky as well, and really gave off a San Francisco vibe!

After all that food you would think we would be full. But no, our sweet tooths got the better of us and we decided to order some yummy pancakes to finish off the meal.

Buttermilk pancakes were $3.95 for one, $6.75 for two or $8.25 for 3.

Strawberries were $2.50 extra.

We topped it all off with some healthy juices! What a fantastic way to start off a day of exploring!

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