Makanai Sushi, Sydney CBD ($)

Address: 324 Pitt Street Sydney, NSW


* * *

This cute little sushi train has an interesting take on Japanese. You can choose to either pick your own sushi rolls and order hot food to take away or eat in, or you can join in at the sushi train and choose plates of sushi and Japanese fried foods.


I think the combination of dine-in and take-away is great for the busy Sydney CBD workers and the cute hot food hut by the door, full of fish sticks, teriyaki chicken and gyoza add to the Asian-inspired decor.

On Thursday around 1.30pm when my Kiwi Kolleague and I visited Makanai, the restaurant wasn’t too busy. There were only about 15 people eating in. There was however quite a large queue of people waiting to pay for their take-aways.

The gold and black decor and wooden tables around the room were a nice touch and I liked the overall look of the restaurant. The sushi rolls in the window are colourful and tempting and made me want to go in and try some of the food!



We didn’t really have any service. We paid at the counter and found a table on the side (not at the sushi train) at which to eat our food.


I ordered my favourites: salmon and avocado roll and chicken roll. The chicken roll was a little dry but the cucumber livened it up quite a bit. The salmon was delicious and there was plenty of fresh salmon in the roll. Perfect with the creamy avocado. The rolls were neatly wrapped and you could tell that the food was fresh from the slightly oil salmon and the green (not brown) avocado.


Kiwi Kolleague ordered chicken teriyaki and said she really enjoyed it.

I would like to come back some time and try out the sushi train and hot food as well!


My rolls cost about $8.00.


I would rate my experience (out of 10):

  • Service-3
  • Food-7.5
  • Ambience-6.5
  • Value –7

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