Service Review: Oven Express Oven Cleaning

Service: Full Oven Cleaning

Company: Oven Express



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I recently got my oven and range hood cleaned free of charge by Oven Express.  

We also paid to get our range hood cleaned as it was pretty dirty from all the cooking we do!

Although I use the oven a lot for my cooking, I thought I should get mum to review this service as it is her kitchen (with me checking up on it, of course!).

Here is her review of the service:

The service provided by the company was really good. 


Matt was easy to deal with, had a lot of patience, answered questions politely and was friendly and approachable.


It took about an hour and a half to clean both the oven and range hood.  Matt said it usually takes about two hours, but mentioned that our oven was one of the cleanest he had seen.


The price for the oven cleaning was reasonable considering they made it look brand new.  However, some people may think twice about it if they are not selling the property or if they are used to cleaning it on their own.

The range hood and the cook top rates were good value and the combined rate if you have two appliances cleaned is great.

Tidiness and Neatness

Matt was methodical and tidy and took a lot of care with the work he did.

I was impressed when he laid towels on the floor under the oven and his work area. The towels and rags he used were clean and he was very organised.

He had 3 tubs for his work. One for the tools and detergents, one for the new pieces of rag he was using and the other for the used rags.

The used rag tub had a plastic bag lined over it so the soot and wet rags with dirt from the oven could be placed in it. This was a cleaner way to keep the dirty rags tidy so they didn’t fall on the (sensitive wooden) floor.

Matt took a lot of care not to scratch or break anything of the appliances.

The detergents he used did not smell strong or harsh and when I  asked him about the detergents he mentioned that they were mostly harmless substances.

Here are some before shots:






Oven cleaning

Matt did an excellent job with the cleaning my oven and my range hood.

The oven and the range hood were extremely clean afterwards and sparkles as though they were new.

I was really impressed as I didn’t expect it to come out so clean, especially the range hood which had a lot of oil residue in it. I was actually going to replace it instead of cleaning it as I thought it couldn’t be cleaned. But Matt and Oven Express did a great job.

The glass oven door and the metallic frame were sparkling. The mesh in the range hood filter was extremely clean.

Here are some after shots:








Overall, we thought Matt and Oven Express did a great job and we were very satisfied with the results.

We will definitely be recommending them to anyone looking for a good cleaning service.


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