Product Review: Moo Poo Tarts

Product: Moo Poo Tarts –  also known as Cow Dung Tarts, UFO Tarts, Cream Tarts, Cow Pat Tarts

Available at: Bamboo Lounge Cafe, 336 Sussex St Sydney


Price: $2.50 each, $15.00 for a box of 6, $35 for a box of 16
For larger quantities visit to order.

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What is a “Moo Poo Tart?”

A Moo Poo Tart is basically a thin piece of browned cake topped with creamy yellow custard and fluffy meringue.

What is the story behind the Moo Poo Tart?

The Moo Poo Tart was created in 1955 when, in the small town of Sandakan in Malaysia a baker accidentally burnt a tray of his tarts.  As the tarts looked like cow poo, he named it “cow poo” (ngau si dui in Malasian).

They became very popular in Malaysia and are now very well known, but the original recipe no longer exists as the creator, Mr Fu Ah On never revealed the secret recipe and passed away suddenly from a heart attack, taking it with him.

The best Moo Poo Tarts are found in the town of Sandakan in Malaysia but Ms Davina Wong has tried to recreate the recipe in order to introduce Sydney-siders to the wonders of this Malaysian treat!

My review of the Moo Poo Tart

I was super excited when I was invited to taste these delicious tarts, with a box of 6 delivered to me at work, complimentary.


The tarts look really cute in the box, and travelled quite well in the container.

They are the perfect size for an afternoon bite and I think they would make an unusual but interesting gift or ice-breaker!

I was interested by the strange and unusual appearance of the tarts, with a muffin-top-like base, a very dark yellow centre, and white meringue around it.  My first taste of the tart revealed a combination of flavours and textures. The dense, sweet and thin cake contrasted well with the silky, rich custard and the light, fluffy meringue.

While the meringue part was a little flat compared to the pictures, it still tasted delicious and I enjoyed the unusual textures and flavours of the tart.  It was a strange mix between a cupcake, a lemon meringue tart and a custard tart, and I, along with the friends I shared it with at work, all enjoyed it.

I would give this new treat a go as it seems like something that will appeal to all sweet lovers!



I give the Moo Poo tart a 7.5/10.

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8 thoughts on “Product Review: Moo Poo Tarts

  1. I haven’t seen this tart too much when I was growing up in Malaysia. I guess it is one of the more underrated cakes/sweets in Malaysia, at least in the capital Kuala Lumpur. Thanks for sharing and I will look out for this cake 🙂


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