Subterranean Grill GPO, Martin Place Sydney ($)

Address: GPO Building, 1 Martin Place Sydney NSW

Tel: (02) 9229 7700


* * *

A short while ago, I visited GPO with some friends.

I hadn’t actually been there before, despite it being a popular dining spot in the city, so I was really excited to check it out and try some of the food on offer.

After walking around the ground floor twice, I finally decided to go with the Subterranean Grill as they had the best variety, prices and quantity.


The atmosphere at GPO is pretty chilled.

You feel like you’re in some elegant New York bar after work, with all the suits and fancy wine drinkers around.

There are heaps of places to choose from, including a cheese and wine bar, an oyster bar, tapas, a pizza bar, a salad bar, an Indian restaurant, a Greek grill, and a sushi train. Basically everything you could possible want!


Service on the lower ground varies depending on where you go. If you eat within one of the restaurants you may get better service. In our case, we chose to eat in the middle areas, outside the restaurants so we did not have much service, apart from ordering our food.

I chose to visit Subterranean Grill and the guy at the bar was very friendly, striking up a conversation about work and what it is like working late nights at a bar.

He was pretty friendly, and I was also glad to find that my food came out within about 10 minutes.


I decided to order the delicious Chicken Souvlaki plate ($14.50), which came with a chicken skewer (200g), served with housemade grilled pita bread, salad, tzatziki and chips.



The platter was amazing. For the price, I was surprised at how much food there was.

The chicken was so tender and the flavours were perfectly balanced = read: delicious! There was plenty of chicken meat and it was all very well cooked, and just charred.

The tzatziki was tasty and lemony, while the fresh salad added some colour to the plate and was great wrapped in the pita with the chicken.

The addition of chips made the dish very filling and substantial, and the chips were crunchy and extremely well cooked.

Overall, the dish was amazing and I would definitely come back to try it again. In fact, I am almost drooling just thinking about it!

My friends ordered pizzas from the GPO pizza bar nearby. She is vegetarian, so she opted for the Ortolona, with mozzarella, eggplant, zucchini and mushroom ($14.90).

1I tried a piece and definitely agreed that it was tasty, with a fantastic soft yet crisp base, obviously one of the two main elements of a pizza (the base and the toppings).

There were plenty of toppings, and they were spiced up with my friend’s addition of chilli flakes, a special touch!


My meal cost $14.50. I also bought a Lemon Lime Bitters.


Overall I would rate my experience (out of 10):

  • Service- 5
  • Food- 8
  • Ambience- .5
  • Value – 8.

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