At Bangkok Thai, Haymarket ($$)

Address: Passionflower 730-742 George Street, Haymarket NSW

Tel: (02) 9211 5232


* * *


This nicely decorated little restaurant is located in Capitol Square, right next door to the Capitol Theatre in bustling chinatown.


The restaurant was pretty crowded and was quite full, probably because of the musical running next door. 

MDS, Nicole and I decided to check it out before we went to watch The Addams Family musical. We hadn’t made a booking but were quickly seated on some cushioned orange stools on one side of the restaurant. 



Service was not that great. The wait staff were friendly and helpful when we asked them for anything but the food was very slow out of the kitchen. We arrived there at about 6.30 and hoped to leave by 7.30 as the show was to start at 8.00pm. Unfortunately we only received our meals at around 7.15pm so we had to delay leaving for 7.45pm.


For drinks, MDS, Nicole and I shared two Rekorderlig Mango & Raspberry ciders. At $11 each, they were quite pricey compared to the other drinks on offer, but were plenty for the three of us as each bottle is 500mL.


We decided to go with the cigar wontons with crab meat, pork, mushroom and carrot. The wontons were served with a wasabi mayonnaise.

The wontons were crispy and golden, perfectly cooked and delicious to eat. The crab meat and pork was quite a strong flavour and ensured that the dish was not bland.

The star of the dish was the wasabi mayonnaise which took the dish to the next level. It wasn’t too hot or tangy. It was the perfect amount of wasabi to complement the strong pork and crab meat flavours.

A fantastic entree and something different from the usual thai samosas, spring rolls and chicken skewers.


We also ordered some steamed rice, which was presented in a cute star shape- awesome! I am definitely going to look for this rice mould! The serving of rice was generous and plenty for me. In fact MDS and I probably could have shared one serving as we both left about half of our rice.


For mains we ordered Prawn & Pineapple Curry which we thought would be sweet and soothing. Boy were we wrong! This curry is a firey devil disguised as a red curry. The gravy was so hot we could barely eat it and MDS and I ended up eating only the prawns and pineapple. Waaaayyy too hot for my liking! Some sort of spice guide on the menu would have been helpful. If there was one, we didn’t notice it!


The pork belly with steamed asian greens was delicious. The pork was soft and quite plentiful for the two of us who shared the dish. The crackling was perfectly crunchy and well seasoned. The steamed veggies were fresh and light, a perfect balance against the heavy, fatty pork. A great dish!



Other dishes I have tried on subsequent visits included:



Ice Tea

20140130_183220Crab Fried Rice




Cashew Chicken



Massaman Beef


Overall, I enjoyed the food at this restaurant. Next time I will go for less spicy foods though as that prawn and pineapple curry was a killer.

Service was pretty slow but waiters were friendly and polite, and the atmosphere was great for a Thursday night, although probably partly due to the Capitol Theatre next door.


MDS and I paid $30 each for meals and drinks.


Overall I would rate my experience (out of 10):

  • Service- 5
  • Food- 7
  • Ambience- 7
  • Value – 6.75

@ Bangkok on Urbanspoon


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