Product Review: The Australian Coffee Guide- Top 100- 2013

Name of Product: The Australian Coffee Guide- Top 100- 2013

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The Australian Coffee Guide

About the Guide

The Australian Coffee Guide is a little book which contains a list of 100 of the “best” coffee shops and cafes in Australia.

I asked founders IZAAC TRPESKI & MEGAN RULLIS a few questions about the guide and their coffee experiences.


1. What is The Australian Coffee Guide?

The Australian Coffee Guide is a list of Australia’s top 100 places to get a coffee. It’s an unbiased guide from a non-coffee company. It’s not ranked 1-100 but mores showcases the best of the best around Australia. Unlike other coffee guides that are city based, it’s a comprehensive guide to Australia best coffee, in major cities, towns and regional areas.

2. Why did you decide to compile the guide? 

We were inspired a New York coffee guide originally and realised there was a gap in the market. No one was doing Australia’s top 100. No one that we know is actually doing a top 100 in any country.So I think we claim being the very first.

Ohhhh and we love coffee.

3. What is your connection with, or relationship to, coffee- what makes you an expert in coffee?

Our connection with coffee is that it’s part of our daily life and routine. We constantly search for new and hidden places which always inspire to make the best drop. We appreciate what goes into a great coffee. It’s not always the coffee bean. It’s a combination of the machine and love the barista gives the coffee. We’ve undergone formal education at the Delano Coffee School to what goes into making a fantastic coffee.

4. What is your favourite type of coffee and why do you enjoy it? 

Megan loves a latte because if it’s made well it’s smooth and creamy and can really give me a great caffeine hit.

Izaac can’t go past either a traditional espresso if it’s made to perfection or a piccolo latte as he likes a strong hit and not an influx of milk to spoil the coffees flavour.

5. What is your favourite brand of coffee and why? 

We love many brands hence why our guide isn’t biased but to name a few we love Single Origin, All Press and Delano Coffee.

6. How many cups of coffee do you drink per day?

We try to limit it to no more than two.

7. How do you “review” coffee- what do you look for? 

i. A good coffee must be made with freshly ground beans before they begin to oxidise in exposure to the air. The freshness will shape the freshness of the Crema. The best quality coffee is generally grade AA, meaning the beans are the largest size available. Typically, the larger the coffee bean, the better the taste.

ii. Coffee is science not art. The perfect extraction is difficult to achieve as you don’t want over extraction which results in bitter coffee or under extraction which results in a weak water like coffee. Extraction should be between 25-30 seconds.

iii. Smell the coffee. Good coffee beans release fragrant oils when roasted and have a high intensity coffee smell.  High quality coffee retains a strong aroma when freshly brewed.

iv. Quality of the milk will affect the consistency of the coffee. Texture is a big thing which affects the science of the bean. Milk has to be dense, silky and full-bodied. The milk will enhance or detract from the coffee depending on how well it is done. Common mistakes are overheating the milk, over or under aerating it and not grooming it enough

v. The pour of the milk needs to be considered and affects the presentation of the coffee. It needs to be done with finesse – carefully, floating the espresso to the surface to create a marbling effect.

vi. Try not to drown coffee in sugar. Sugar changes the composition of coffee and dampens bitterness- your tastebuds will therefore not be able to correctly interpret the composition of the bean.

8. Which is your favourite coffee venue from those listed in the book?

If we had to choose one it would be in Melbourne… we love St Ali.

9. Which is your favourite coffee venue in Sydney’s CBD?

Single origin Roasters

10. Did you visit every single venue in the book when compiling it?

Absolutely. 1000 coffees sampled over an 8 month pilgrimage and counting. 


One thought on “Product Review: The Australian Coffee Guide- Top 100- 2013

  1. It’s so important to have a close connection with coffee if you want to make a business from selling it, just as you would to any other product or service you could happen to be selling. I really enjoyed reading your article, thank you!


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