Thai Passion, World Square Sydney CBD ($)

Address: Shop 12, 123 Liverpool Street Sydney

Tel: (02) 9264-5665



* * *


Thai Passion is tucked in a corner of World Square, behind the Rydges Hotel and some other little restaurants.

While the colours used in the restaurant are warm and inviting, it is not a particularly striking place.

Nonetheless, the space is cosy and at lunchtime is full of busy workers keen for a quick Thai curry or a hot stir-fry.

MC and I were no different, looking for a place to keep warm and stay out of the chilly winter breeze.


Service was average, as we had to look around and wave someone down to get their attention to order, get the bill, get water etc

Other than that we had an enjoyable time as the food came out quickly (very important when you are on the go). There were even a bunch of coppers having their lunch at one of the tables 🙂


We started off with the veggie spring rolls. They were very very hot (almost burn my mouth in my excitement and rush to start eating).

Nonetheless they were great with the sweet and sour sauce. There were quite a lot of mushrooms in there, and the rolls were quite large and worth the $8.50.


Next up was my choice, the satay chicken with rice. While the satay flavour was nice, I was hoping for a thick, rich, nutty sauce with plenty of chicken pieces and a few capsicum strips and snow peas.


What we got was more of a stir-fry, with a few pieces of chicken, some veg (including the odd addition of lettuce!?!?!) and a somewhat thin sauce…

That said the sauce has a pleasant flavour and as we were starving, we devoured the meal.

I also loved the white rice as I have a strange obsession with steamed rice, especially the kind you get at Asian restaurants.


MC chose the Chilli Basil Beef stir-fry with egg noodles. We got thin egg noodles with the dish. My preference is for the thick ones and these looked like the typical 2 minute noodle packet ones.

That said, the basil flavour in the dish was really prominent and the beef and vegetables were well cooked. While MC left his snow peas and capsicum on his plate, I demolished the veg and really enjoyed the fresh lime over the top of the beef. Great flavours in the stir-fry but the noodles could be better.


The verdict? Well the place serves up OK food at a good price. While the spring rolls were the highlight, the other dishes weren’t bad but were nothing special.


Overall I would rate my experience (out of 10):

  • Service- 5
  • Food- 5.5
  • Ambience- 5.75
  • Value – 7.75

Thai Passion Plus at World Square on Urbanspoon


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