Korean Food (KoFoo), Sydney CBD ($)

Address: Shop G02, 35 – 39 Liverpool St, Sydney NSW

Tel: (02) 9261 2465


* * *


Kiwi Kolleague and I decided to check out one of the local restaurants near our workplace. It was a gorgeous sunny day so we decided to head towards Darling Harbour and see what we could find.

On the way we noticed a Korean place with photos of interesting looking dishes displayed in the windows.

When took a seat in the middle of the cafe and were given menus and water.

The place has a pretty unique atmosphere. It’s a dark but funky spot with Korean music playing in the background. There is a somewhat open kitchen from which you can hear the sounds of sizzling pans and the steaming of dumplings.



The back wall has a sign saying “Korean food KoFoo – Passionate Staff: Conquers the World.” I was looking forward to seeing the passionate staff in action.


Unfortunately, I didn’t notice any passion in the staff at all. Moreover, they didn’t even seem that interested in us and they weren’t very friendly.



There is a special $6.99 deal between, I believe 12.00 to 2.00pm, which Kiwi Kolleague and I just missed by 5 minutes (yes, we had a late lunch!).

We were a bit disappointed about missing this but decided on our meals fairly quickly anyway as there were quite a few mouth-watering dishes on the menu.

After placing our orders we were brought an array of pickles and sides including what the waitress told us were:

  • fish pancake cut into shreds
  • pickled radish
  • soy fish sauce
  • seafood noodle mayonnaise salad

They were pretty interesting for us to try, especially as I had never had the noodle salad and fish pancake before. Kiwi Kolleague is not a fan of fish so she did not really enjoy the seafood noodle.

We both enjoyed the sour pickled radish though, and the fish pancake was not as yucky as it sounds.


First up were pork dumplings. These were juicy and moist, although they got stuck to the bottom of the steamer 😦

Kiwi Kolleage lived in China for quite a while and she enjoyed the dumplings too but was too full to have her three (so of course, I ate it!- can’t waste a good dumpling!).


Pork Dumplings, $6.99

I ordered a sweet chicken Korean bento box.

While the wedges, fried noodle spring roll, chips and fried dumpling were an odd edition to the dish, they were probably the best things in the box.

The chicken was too hard to eat, tasted too much of ginger and a sickly sweet sauce, and was difficult to eat with the flat metal chopsticks.

The egg and rice were….well, egg and rice, and the pickled condiments, mini corn salsa and lettuce with beetroot mayonnaise were quite average.

Nice presentation but the food was not great.


Kiwi Colleague’s chicken egg noodles were a bit better than my dish. She said the dish was delicious and really tasty.

It was also well-presented and was a good portion-size.


Overall, I was disappointed with my dish but next time would come back to try the noodles and prawn har gow- perhaps when they are $6.99!


My meal came to about $18.00 all up including a peach iced tea and shared dumplings.


I would rate my experience (out of 10):

  • Service-5
  • Food-6
  • Ambience-6
  • Value –6.5

Kofoo Korean Food on Urbanspoon


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