Max Brenner, Parramatta ($)

Address: 159-175 Church St Parramatta NSW

Tel: (02) 9635 7566


* * *

We all know I’m a big fan of chocolate.

And it is no surprise that MaxB is my favourite chocolate shop of them all.

So of course, after watching the Roosters play the Eels in Parramatta, I suggested that we head over to MB for some good ol’ chocoloving!


MC and I at the game

On a Friday night, Parramatta is always pretty busy. As the main town area in the West, it is full of western Sydney siders keen for a drink, a meal or a movie (at Parra Westfields).


Some of us went for the Eels others the Roosters!

After the game, we walked over to MaxB and we were all keen for something warm and sweet to heat us up after the chilly walk.



MDS was excited to meet Roosters player Jared Warea- Hargreaves

I decided to go with the banana crepes which were up to the usual MaxB standard (which is: awesomeness).


MDS ordered the chocolate lick, Dino (my cuz) ordered the hot chocolate with crunchy waffle balls, and The Incredible Hulk (:p) ordered the chocolate souffle.

Unfortunately the hot chocolate MC ordered was below par. It was too thick and dense and not like the hot chocolates I am used to at MaxB. I think it was made of cream rather than thick chocolate and a little milk. Very disappointing.


Nonetheless we all enjoyed the chocolate hit and a warm place to chat in before making our way home!
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