Product Review: KFC Grilled Twister Salsa

Product: KFC Grilled Twister Salsa

Available from: KFC

For more information:

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KFC has brought out a new range of twisters- the grilled salsa range. They are a relatively new menu item, having been released earlier this year.


I had seen the ads on TV but was a little dubious as to how good they could possibly be as my previous experiences with wraps had shown that they could sometimes be soggy and difficult to eat.

When I was contacted by a representative of KFC to try the new range, I was intrigued and pretty excited to see how they actually tasted.

I ordered the Grilled Twister Salsa wrap. The wrap costs $7.00 on its own or $10.00 as a meal/combo.


Appearance wise, the wrap looked nothing like what was shown in the picture. I was a little disappointed to see that the marketing material wasn’t exactly very accurate. But then again, how can you package a wrap overflowing with fillings?


When I bit into the wrap I was surprised to find a crunchy filling. I looked in the wrap and noticed….corn chips! Very random! However, they were a fantastic addition to the wrap, adding a more Mexican feel to it and also a new texture.

The flavours in the wrap were great. My twister was toasted so it was warm and not doughy. The chicken was well cooked, the tomato salsa was delicious and tangy, and the salad was fresh and light. I actually really enjoyed this wrap and commented to MC that I would definitely be trying it again!

Whilst at KFC I also noticed the following sign:


Looks like they have a special deal on the snackboxes- definitely one to try when you are feeling peckish!


I give the new twister a 7/10.

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