Product Review: Domino’s Chef’s Best Range

Name of Product: Domino’s Chef’s Best Range 

Available at:

Contact: Domino’s – 1300 366 466

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About the Chef’s Best Range

I was very excited to be contacted by Domino’s to try their new Chef’s Best Range.

The concept behind the Chef’s Best Range is “more for less“. The range aims to give customers more toppings and more variety of ingredients than the typical fast food pizza. This means more gourmet ingredients (including duck, pork belly, camembert and lamb), and better value for money than gourmet pizza restaurants which although generally healthier and more varied than fast food pizza, are much more expensive!

Two Chef’s Best pizzas were delivered to my door one weeknight. I was excited to try them as I (along with about 99% of the world) love gourmet pizzas and this delivery meant we didn’t have to cook dinner that night!

6Chef’s Best box- delivered to my door piping hot!


The Chef’s Best Range includes 9 great flavours:

  • Grand Supreme
  • Cheesy Bacon Hawaiian
  • Loaded Meatlovers
  • Deli Vege and Camembert
  • BBQ Duck and Blue Cheese
  • Chicken and Camembert
  • Shiraz Lamb and Tomato
  • Chicken and Cranberry
  • BBQ Pork and Hollandaise

I chose to try the Chicken and Camembert and the Shiraz Lamb and Tomato.

Chicken & Camembert

I decided to try the Chicken and Camembert pizza. When I opened the box I was excited to see that the pizza was covered with lots of delicious toppings. There was plenty of bacon, white camembert cheese, chicken pieces, cherry tomatoes, baby spinach, spanish onion and mozzarella cheese with hollandaise sauce.


I was pretty impressed with this pizza. The chicken was well cooked, there was plenty of bacon and camembert (which was lovely and gooey), the bacon was crispy, the tomatoes juicy and slightly tart, and the pizza base the delicious Domino’s thick base. The spinach wasn’t too wilted, it was perfectly cooked, and the sauce added extra flavour.

I really enjoyed this pizza and would definitely order it again- delicious! This is a real competitor to some of the gourmet pizzas I have tried before!


Shiraz Lamb and Tomato

The Shiraz Lamb pizza had braised shiraz lamb shank, capsicum, spanish onion, mushroom, tomatoes and mozzarella. It was topped with a mint yoghurt sauce (sort of like the kind that comes with samosas!).


This pizza didn’t have enough lamb in my opinion, and the lamb was more like mince and was a little overcooked and dry. However, the combination of lamb with spanish onion, mozzarella and the mint yoghurt sauce was delicious.

The sauce lifted the pizza, adding an exciting fresh flavour to it and reducing the effect of the dry lamb. Overall, it was an OK pizza but not one I would order again and again. I would probably try one of the other flavours instead.



The photo below shows the size of the pizza compared to a $5 note.


Overall, we definitely enjoyed the pizzas. They were delivered hot and freshly cooked, they were tasty and flavoursome, and we loved the new and exciting flavours as an alternative to the traditional pizza flavours (meatlovers, supreme, hawaiian etc..)

The pizzas are a pretty decent size too, and starting at only $8, you can get about three for the price of one gourmet pizza!

Domino’s has done a pretty awesome job with their new range and this is definitely a more price-conscious alternative to gourmet pizzas and an easy dinner option!


I give it an 8.5/10.

Disclaimer: TCFB sampled the Chef’s Best Range courtesy of Domino’s. All opinions expressed on this blog are entirely my own and are not intended to be factual and/or taken as advice. 

5 thoughts on “Product Review: Domino’s Chef’s Best Range

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  2. That chicken one looks delicious, I wonder what the duck one would taste like (but from reading your previous posts I know you wouldn’t try that!)


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