Product Review: Little Box of Yum

Name of Product: Little Box of Yum

Available at:


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How does it work?

Little Box of Yum is a “food discovery service” by a couple: Jamie and Alex, aimed at helping people learn more about new and interesting products and promoting small businesses’ goods.

The service involves sending out a box of 5-6 goodies, including interesting sauces, spices and gourmet foods. Monthly subscribers get their box sent out automatically and receive an extra item.

There are two options:

1. A one-off (single) box- $40 + $8 postage, or

2. A monthly box- $38 + $8 postage.

The boxes can be sent to family or friends as well as a cute gift idea for the foodie (hi guys! *hint hint*) or busy friends! It’s a good way to liven up your lunch and dinners and try out new and interesting ingredients.

The service can be cancelled at any time by sending Alex an email.

Discovery Box

I tried out the service with the Discovery Box. The box was delivered to my door and was full of delicious gourmet goodies! The glass bottles were safely packed and came unharmed (except for the fairy floss which was a little squished). My Discovery Box contained:

  • A “Discovery Booklet” containing information about the foods in the box, recipes, advertisements and stories,
  • Morish caramel coated nuts
  • Maleny Cuisine strawberry lime and whiskey conserve
  • Riverina Grove “bum hummers” salsa
  • Spun fairy floss
  • Outback Spirit Australian Herb mix
  • Roza’s sweet mustard with apricots and macadamia
  • Angelo’s beetroot fettucine
  • Currong rainforest lime shrub cordial



Fairy Floss

I am a big fan of rose water flavoured things and loved this Spun Fairy Floss. It was basically heaven in a cup for me- despite the cup being a little broken from the trip to my house. The fairy floss was sweet and fluffy and the rose scent was divine. There are 17 other cool flavours to try (yes, seventeen!!!). Check it out.



Such an unusual product. Lime apple cider cordial was an interesting accompaniment to our dinner one evening and the consensus was that it tasted like mum’s lime pickle – haha! Mixed with water, it isn’t that fab, but mixed with Tonic Water or Lemonade, it is quite refreshing! A very different drink to the sweet sugar-filled drinks I’m used to as the tangyness and slight bitterness is more prominent than the sweetness. Would be great in lemon lime bitters!


Morish Nuts

Who doesn’t love nuts? No one in my family, that’s for sure. We all enjoyed these Morish premium caramel coated almonds, macadamias and cashews. They were crunchy and seemed very fresh (not soft and stale like some nuts you might find elsewhere). One negative is that some of them were a little broken and they were quite sugary, but that’s excusable considering the fact that they tasted so good! The pack retails for $4.50.


Bum Hummers

“LOL” pretty much sums up our reaction to this jar. It’s such an odd name for a food – so shockingly odd and unusual! Bum Hummers Chilli Salsa is basically tomatoes, onions, capsicum and a whole lot of chilli combined to make a dip for chips or tacos. Interesting name and a delicious, chunky (but spicy) product. Leave the jar out on the table with some chips when you have guests over for a great conversation starter!


Wattleseed Herb Rub

This fragrant Aussie rub is versatile and perfect for last minute dinners. Outback Spirit have produced a herb made from the dried and ground leaves of the lemon myrtle tree. It’s great rubbed onto meats, fish or poultry with a little olive oil, or used to add flavour to stews, roasts or sauces. The rub retails for $8.50 on its own.


Angelo’s Beetroot Fettuccine

This was very interesting! I had seen spinach fettuccine before but never beetroot!


Sorry for the blurry pic, I was too excited :p

We decided to try it one day and mum made a seafood marinara with it. Unfortunately the fettuccine lost a little bit of its colour, making it appear less red. It also didn’t taste much like beetroot but then again, seafood can be overpowering so perhaps with chicken the flavour may be more prominent?


Roza’s mustard

What an interesting flavour! While I am not usually a big mustard fan, I immediately enjoyed the nuttiness of the macadamias in this mustard. I also loved the fact that it could be used in salads as well as on sandwiches! Versatility is great and this product definitely has it!


Strawberry lime and whiskey conserve

Mum and I tried some of this interesting conserve. I am already a fan of Rekorderlig’s Strawberry Lime Cider and thought a strawberry lime jam might be cool to try out. I can see how it would work as there are already a lot of citrus and strawberry jams out there so why not mash them up together?

We tried the jam and the consensus was that it was pretty good. Not as sweet as the normal strawberry jams that you get (which is good for those who don’t like sweet things). It has a pretty strong whiskey flavour and while it could take some getting used to, I can see this product becoming a staple in the fridge!



This is a pretty cool idea if you want to make your meals interesting and My Kitchen Rules worthy. You can get creative using the gourmet products included in the box and try out some of the recipes. Really good for the time poor!

The one negative I would say is that it does seem a little expensive to be paying for the products every month, especially when many of them will last you a few months (e.g. spice rubs and sauces or oils). However the great thing about it is that you can also order single boxes whenever you want so you could choose to get one every few months.

There is also a blog which has some good ideas on how to use the products. I particularly loved the idea of mixing the Roza Sweet Mustard with Apricots and Macadamia with yoghurt for an easy dip, or adding it to a potato salad to liven it up!

I think this is a pretty cool concept and also a great way to support small businesses. For more information, see their website (above).


I give it a 7.25/10.

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