Wow Cow, Darlinghurst

If you have been following my blog you would know that I am one of the biggest froyo fans out there. I love the stuff. It’s refreshing, cool and customisable.

I have tried Yogurberry (still my favourite), Moochi, Noggi, and Yogurt World.

This week I got to try Wow Cow in Darlinghurst. Post Zushi I decided to get something cool and refreshing for the walk back to work. I stopped by Wow Cow to check out their offerings.

I decided to order a regular/medium pomegranate frozen yoghurt with two toppings: passionfruit pulp and mochi (rice cakes).


Unlike Noggi where toppings are included in the price, and yogurberry, where the weight determines the price, Wow Cow charges $4.50 for the ice cream and $1.00 for each scoop of topping. Normally I would top my ice cream with a variety of fruits and lollies (at Yogurberry), but this time I had to narrow down my choices to just two!

Apart from the pricing system, I also wasn’t a big fan of the actual frozen yoghurt. I found that it tasted less like gelato or ice cream than the other types I have tried, and more like a creamy and quite airy sort of whipped cream. It didn’t taste very much like pomegranate either.

Overall, while the froyo was refreshing, Wow Cow did not live up to my expectations and Yogurberry is still my favourite in terms of value and taste!

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