Q & A with Wooden Spoon Bar & Restaurant’s co-owner Livia Wang

I had the pleasure of visiting Wooden Spoon last Wednesday and thought I would ask the lovely owner some questions about the restaurant to give you more of an insight into the hip new venue.

1. How did you get into the food/hospitality industry?

Our family background is food/restaurant business. When my husband and I met each other 5 years ago, we decided to open a restaurant/bar. He is a bartender and I’m the floor manager. Wooden Spoon is our third business and we love this industry!

2. When was Wooden Spoon Bar opened?

It was opened in March 2012.

3. Why makes Wooden Spoon Bar different to other similar restaurants/bars?

Cremorne is a very “residential” area. We do not treat our “customers” as customers, we like to have long term relationship and treat them as our family. We focus on the “network” a lot; we have wine tasting twice a month; cocktail tasting evenings once a month; mother groups; corporate tasting evenings etc. We think Wooden Spoon is the place for everyone to get together.

4. What is the one dish that you would recommend on the menu?

I do like our “Mini beef mignon, green lentil and speck ragout, shiraz and mustard emulsion sauce” dish.

5. What is your favourite drink on the cocktail menu?

I will say…Strawberry and Cream; Sailor Jerry Rum shaken with strawberries and lemon juice with a strawberry cream float.

6. If you could invite any celebrity to dine at Wooden Spoon Bar, who would it be and why?

This is a good question! Maybe I will say North Sydney council’ Mayor Jilly Gibson and Councillors. Because here is somewhere people get together.

2 thoughts on “Q & A with Wooden Spoon Bar & Restaurant’s co-owner Livia Wang

  1. Sometimes when I’m working with my sister on a uni assignment I feel like tying her up and leaving her in the middle of nowhere. I really admire family based teams, makes me wonder how they do it…


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