Xanthi, Sydney CBD, ($$)

Address: Level 6, Westfield Sydney, Cnr Pitt and Market Street Sydney NSW

Website: http://www.xanthi.com.au

Tel: (02) 9232 8535

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I hadn’t seen my law friends for a very long time so I decided to organise dinner after work one Wednesday night.

I booked for 7 of us at Xanthi, in the Sydney CBD, a convenient location for those of us who work in the city (almost everyone!).


The restaurant itself is beautifully decorated. There are gorgeous mosaics on the outside walls, a large beige curtain draped from the roof to the sides of the room, and beautiful glass mosaic candles on the tables. Small booths on one side of the room make the space cosy and inviting, while mood lighting gives it a comfortable yet stylish look.


Service was quite good. Our orders were promptly taken and I noticed that they were very good with trying to up-sell items on the menu (although not good enough to convince a bunch of lawyers)!  At the mere mention of the banquet menu by one of my friends, a waiter rushed over to our table to explain what was included in the $58 menu. Although we decided not to go for that menu, I thought it was quite a good selling attempt!

The service was generally quite fast and we didn’t experience any major faults or mistakes with it.


For entrees we decided to order the Dips with Pita bread. This included taramosalata (a garlicky salmon roe dip), a bright pink beetroot and feta dip, and skordalia (a garlic sauce dip). We ordered an extra side of bread for ($4.00, to go with it as well. The dips were delicious and so flavoursome. I have tried skordalia and the beetroot dip before, but have never had taramosalata. I have to say it was my favourite dip of them all as it was garlicky and had the most flavour. The breads were soft and warm, except for a few pieces which we found were undercooked and doughy.

20130220_192945-1Dips with Pita Bread ($13.00)

We also ordered the Barbecue Haloumi, which was grilled haloumi cheese served with a salad of figs, tomato and mint. I am a huge fan of haloumi cheese and so I loved the delicious, slightly chewy and salty taste of the haloumi. The sweet figs complemented the sour tomato and made for a delicious entree.

20130220_193328-1Barbecued Haloumi ($15.00)

For the mains, all the lovely ladies chose the Lamb Skaras, described on the menu as:

“Perama’s famous slow braised lamb shoulder marinated in paprika, garlic and olive oil. Barbecued and served with a lemon and olive oil baste, with baked lemon oregano potatoes and steamed string beans.”

I found the lamb to be juicy, soft and tender. The meat was cooked perfectly and the sourness of the tomato-paprika sauce and the lemon dressing really brought out the charred flavour of the lamb. The potatoes were soft, while the beans added some crunch. A delicious main which I really enjoyed!

20130220_200444-1Lamb Skaras ($31.00)

The two guys chose the BBQ Spiced Chicken:

“Slow roasted corn fed chicken then coated and marinated in herbs and spices
and finished off on the barbecue, served with chips, pita bread and garlic cream.”

They both received enormous plates of food which looked like great value. they really enjoyed the chicken and mentioned that it was a little spicy as well. I tried some of the chips and thought they were crunchy and absolutely divine. Some of the best chips I have tasted!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a photo of the dish but I definitely recommend you visit Xanthi and try out some of their amazing food yourself!


All up the meal came to about $40.00 each.Quite pricey considering I have been trying to save, but it was a nice restaurant with good food in the CBD, so not too bad.


Overall I would rate my dining experience (out of 10):

  • Service- 7
  • Food- 7.75
  • Ambience- 7.5
  • Value – 7

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