The Best Thai, Darlinghurst ($)

Address: 261 Victoria Street Darlighurst NSW

Tel: (02) 9356 4944


* * *

The Best Thai. That’s a big call.

A lunchtime craving for warm Asian food on a cold, windy day brought us to try this little Darlinghurst restaurant.

While interior design is not their forte, cheap and tasty lunch specials certainly are!

We each ordered various dishes from the lunch menu including Vegetarian Fried Rice and Chilli Jam Chicken. I went for the Chicken Choo Chee.

My experience with Choo Chee curry has been that it is a rich and creamy curry with a thick gravy. I was surprised to find that here the Choo Chee is not served in a bowl, but is dished up next to the steamed rice, like a stir fry. The Choo Chee wasn’t very creamy either and, was quite spicy, so I couldn’t eat it all (as much as I wanted to).

That said, the dish was still tasty, there was plenty of chicken and lots of vegetables, and overall there was a generous serving of the dish for such a low price.

Although I wouldn’t say this is “the best” Thai (it doesn’t even come close in my opinion), it is definitely a good option for a quick and cost-effective lunch!


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