Heart-shaped Valentine’s Day Pizza

This Valentine’s Day I decided to get MC something a little different.

He had mentioned earlier that Valentine’s Day was a time for the “guy to get the girl stuff” so I had an excuse not to get him anything at all, but I decided to buy him a card, some chocolates and a heart-shaped pizza anyway 🙂

I thought I would try Crust Gourmet Pizza in Turramurra. I contacted them via email and Jarryd from HQ was great in helping me organise my order.

On the day I went in to the Turramurra store and was greeted by some excited staff members who had clearly never made a heart-shaped pizza before!

Their friendly and energetic personalities added to my own excitement as I waited to see how this pizza turned out. I ordered a large garlic prawn pizza for $22.00 and paid in store for it. When it was finished cooking, I had a quick peek in the box, and it had turned out perfectly!

MC loved the idea and reallly enjoyed eating it too 🙂 This was definitely a great idea and one that I think will become increasingly popular for future Valentines Days!


MC also surprised me with a beautiful rose, a gorgeous chocolate bouquet and some of my favourite treats!




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