Shingle Inn, Hornsby ($)

Address: Westfield Hornsby, 236 Pacific Highway, Hornsby NSW

Tel: 02 9987 0177


* * *

After a day of shopping, Mum and I decided to stop at the Shingle Inn for a coffee.

We found some comfy arm chairs and had a look at the menu. We were surprised to see that the Inn served coffee in “European coffee bowls”! Mum, being a coffee lover, decided she had to try it and ordered a latte in a coffee bowl. I ordered a banana bread and an English breakfast tea. The lady who served us was lovely and friendly, which I’ve found is quite unusual for cafe workers. All up it cost us about $15.00 which is very reasonable, especially with such a large bowl of coffee.

It wasn’t long before our orders were brought out.

Mum’s coffee bowl did not fail to impress. It was enormous. I did doubt whether she would be able to finish it but to my surprise she did!


My tea was served in a small pot which provided me with about 2.5 cups of tea. It was just what I wanted, but being just a standard English breakfast, was nothing special.


The banana bread, which I ordered toasted, was warm and buttery. I would have preferred banana and walnut, which is one of my favourites, but as they didn’t have any, the banana bread sufficed.


Overall a nice tea time with Mum. Despite being in the middle of the shopping centre, the Shingle Inn manages to provide a nice spot for tea, with great service and reasonable prices.

One thought on “Shingle Inn, Hornsby ($)

  1. My partner and I used to be regulars here, however recently the service and food have gone down hill! I ordered eggs benedict and the egg whites were still clear- I sent it back and asked for a new one- they brought me back the original after having microwaved it for a minute or so. When any issues are mentioned to the staff they are rude and proceed to talk to one an other in another language. Such a shame as we used to rate this place 8/10 now I wouldn’t even give it a 4/10. Poor form


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