Spiedo, Westfield Sydney ($$)

Address: Shop 6004-6005 Level 6, Westfield Sydney, 188 Pitt Street Sydney NSW

Tel: (02) 8072 9999

Website: http://www.spiedo.com.au

* * *

MDS and I decided to visit Spiedo, located on level 6 of Westfield Sydney, for some post-work dinner and some homely Italian food.


The actual layout is quite modern and funky with bright green decor and leather bound menus. There is a bar at the front of the restaurant and the actual seating area is on the other side of the kitchen, towards the back. The kitchen has an open design so that diners can see the chefs at work preparing their meals. Overall quite a nice design.

We liked the cute candles sitting in jars of elbow pasta!



Service was great and our friendly waiter was helpful and attentive. Most of the staff had heavy Italian accents as though they had come straight out of Italy to be our waiters. This added an authentic feel to the place and made our experience more interesting. Once when I looked around for our waiter to get some more water, the manager saw me looking around and quickly brought over a jug of cool water to refill our glasses- great service!


We decided to share a few dishes so we could taste both pizza and pasta.

As an entree we shared the Calamari Fritti ($14.00). It was delicious and crunchy, coated in a lovely semolina crumb. However, some of the calamari was actually octopus, which I don’t eat (I don’t enjoy tentacles!!!). MDS kindly ate the octopus and I had the calamari pieces.


For mains we decided to share the Prosciutto e Rucola pizza ($22.00) and the Spaghetti ai Gamberi ($24.00) pasta.

The Spaghetti ai Gamberi is basically spicy prawns with spaghetti. It was served with a good amount of seasoned breadcrumbs on top.

There was a large portion size and the pasta was cooked al dente. Seasoning was great and there was a good amount of prawns in the dish. My only comment would be that I would have preferred whole prawns piled on top of the pasta rather than have the prawns cut into little pieces. I ate about 1/2 of this dish on my own and MDS only had one serving, so you can tell that I really enjoyed it!


The Prosciutto e Rucola was cooked in a wood-fire oven and the base was slightly charred and deliciously soft. There was plenty of prosciutto, shaved parmesan and rocket on the pizza. MDS really enjoyed this dish and had 2 slices. I had 1 but only because I was getting really full from the pasta. Overall a fantastic dish and I would love to try the other pizzas on offer.


We ended up with 5 pizza slices left over, and a bit of pasta which the waiter offered to pack up for us. This shows how good the portion sizes are! We were both really full from all the food and thoroughly enjoyed the meal.

The atmosphere was nice and quiet so we could have a conversation without disturbance, service was prompt and efficient and food was tasty and faultless.

Would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for some Italian in the heart of the CBD!


The meal came to $60.00 all up, which is great value for such good service, food and portion sizes.


Overall I would rate my dining experience (out of 10):

    • Service- 6
    • Food- 8
    • Ambience- 5.5
    • Value – 7.5

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2 thoughts on “Spiedo, Westfield Sydney ($$)

  1. Wow that really is good value for money especially if there was left over. I’m sure if I would have went, my bf and I would have demolished the entire thing haha


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