GIVEAWAY & Product Review: Old El Paso NEW Extra Mild Super Tasty Range

Keep reading for more information about our Old El Paso Extra Mild Super Tasty Giveaway!
Product: Old El Paso Extra Mild Super Tasty Kits
Available at: your local supermarket
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Old El Paso sent me some samples of their new Extra Mild Super Tasty range of hard and soft tacos to review. This range is designed to cater for those who want to enjoy all the flavour of delicious and easy to prepare Mexican food without the heat.
I tried out the new taco kits on the family for dinner.
Here’s how to make them:
1. Cook 500 grams mince meat and 600 grams chicken breast for soft tacos, in separate pans on high for about 5 minutes. Then add the respective flavour sachets included in the pack and simmer for a further 2 minutes.
Note: I also added some garlic and onion.
2. Bake hard tacos in the oven at 160C fan-forced (180C conventional) for 5-10 minutes.
Note: I also heated up my soft tacos by cooking each side in a hot pan until they turned a little golden.
3. Cut up fresh vegetables to fill your tacos with. I used grated carrot, lettuce strips, diced cucumber, diced onion and diced tomato.
4. Mix the sour cream seasoning into 2/3 cup of sour cream.
5. Stuff tacos with meat or chicken and your choice of cut vegetables.
Beef hard tacos:
6.Top with grated cheese and sour cream (only if you want to- you can leave it out for a more healthy dinner option) and enjoy!
Chicken soft tacos:
The Verdict:
Taco kits are so easy to use, all you really need is some mince meat and vegetables. I have used Old El Paso’s taco kits and products before and they are perfect for after work or uni when you are tired and want a quick and taste dinner. Also a good idea for parties and movie nights.
The whole family loved it. One pack each of hard and soft taco kits is more than enough for a family of 4 and would be perfect for a family of 5.
It is not at all spicy but still tastes flavoursome. There is a strong taste of tomato and paprika in the meat seasoning which gives it flavour without the heat of chilli. The meat seasoning would also be good for seasoning meat for burritos or even pasta. The sour cream seasoning adds a garlic and coriander flavour to it which really improves the overall taste and takes this taco kit from average to delicious!
Old El Paso has provided The Casual Food Blogger with 5 x two packs of Taco kits to give to The Casual Food Blogger readers!
Please see T&C below for information on how to enter!
Terms and Conditions:

1. This competition is only open to Australian residents aged 16 years or over.

2. One entry per person allowed.

3. To enter, simply comment on this post an answer to the question “What is your favourite Mexican dish and why?”.

4.  The competition opens on 4/12/12 at 10.00 am AEST and ends 29/12/12 at 12.00 midday AEST.

5. The prize consists of 5 packs of 2 Taco kits. Each kit contains 1 Old El Paso Extra Mild Super Tasty taco kit & 1 Old El Paso Extra Mild Super Tasty soft taco kit.

6. The winner will be decided based on the most interesting comments as judged by The Casual Food Blogger.

7. Please include your name and email address so we can contact you if you win.

8. If you win you will be asked to provide a postal address to which the prize can be sent. Your name and postal address will be provided to Old El Paso who will send the prize straight to you. Your name and address will only be used for the purposes of this competition. If you do not want your details to be sent to Old El Paso, please do not enter.

9. Winners will be notified by email within 7 days from the closing date of the competition. If we are unable to contact you or do not hear back from you within 7 days from the date of the email we will choose another winner.

10. This competition is hosted by The Casual Food Blogger at

Good luck!

8 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY & Product Review: Old El Paso NEW Extra Mild Super Tasty Range

  1. I once had Chicken Taquitos at the Cheesecake Factory in the US. They were amazing and probably the most brilliant Mexican thing I have ever eaten. But as it was a once off, I can’t call it a favourite.

    My favourite thing has to be tacos because they can be super healthy or not quite so healthy. I am a big fan of the soft tacos these days – too many meals where the hard tacos fall apart spreading my awesome filling everywhere. But I wanted to eat it, in the taco, not pick it up off my plate! 🙂

    I also tried eating the taco insides in lettuce like Sang Choy Bow and that was pretty fantastic. I tried making the tacos with different meats – prawns was probably my favourite because they take on the flavours and if you team them with avocado it is a great combination with chicken mince being second most awesome. I always have avocado in mine even with beef, especially if you are going with medium or hot because it cools things down a bit.

    If you have left over mince, there is nothing better than to put it on a baked potato for lunch the next day. 😉


  2. My mexican speciality is a Torilla Stack! First I cook up a kidney bean mix with fresh herbs and spices, then i whip up some guacamole with fresh avacado and a tomato salsa. Thev to essemble, first you lay down a tortilla top with a layer of beans, guacamole, salsa, some sour cream and grated cheese, Repeat until you have desired height. Cut and serve as you would a cake. beautiful with a nice cold mexican beer.


  3. We love Enchiladas. So quick and easy to make. And best of all the kids love them too! We also love the hard and soft taco kits and the crispy chicken soft taco kits.


  4. I love the quesadillas, because you can have so many different yummy combinations. They’re a healthier option to tacos, but you can always add a bit more indulgence with adding cheese and then melting it by toasting 🙂 I’ve had the ones at Robocog Cafe, Surry Hills, three times already, and it’s just a really great and delicious alternative to eating sandwiches or wraps. Grilled chicken, sweet chilli sauce, and plenty of leafy greens and creamy avocado = definitely a great combination to dig into! And if you don’t mind indulging, a bit of mayo goes very well too.

    Having not been to Mexico, I can safely say that I love quesadillas due to their ability to bleed into other cultures, for their versatility and health factor. Despite being a foodblogger and constantly raving about food, I do try to maintain my weight, and am conscious of what I choose. If I indulge while eating out, I balance it with eating lean protein and vegies at home. Quesadillas help ease that guilt, because there are healthy options at cafes nowadays.

    Quesadillas are also very easy to make at home, which is much better since its allows me to be in control of what goes into my mouth from the fridge. All you need is some soft taco bread, a sandwich press, and lots of your favourite fillings 🙂


  5. Nachos are so easy to make and have endless ways to customise. 🙂 I make my own taco-style seasoning at home from spices and cook it with some beef mince, then top my nachos with the mince, spring onions, green olives, salsa and cheese. Yum! Some other nice additions are sour cream/Greek yoghurt, guacamole and red onion instead of spring.


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