Product Review: Rekorderlig Orange & Ginger Cider

Product: Orange & Ginger Rekorderlig Cider

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I am a bit of a Rekorderlig fan and was given the opportunity to review the new Orange & Ginger flavour when I was sent a couple of bottles to try.

Rekorderlig’s range of ciders have become increasingly popular among those looking for a more light and flavoursome alternative to beer and wine. I am not much of a beer or wine drinker unless it is a sweet wine such as Rose, Moscato or Verdi. Otherwise I drink mixed drinks such as Beer Chandy or Mimosas, or Vodka Lemon Lime Bitters etc. I really like drinks which taste nice as I don’t drink just for the sake of it, and this is why I enjoy Rekorderlig.


Orange & Ginger

When I heard that Rekorderlig had released a new Orange & Ginger flavour cider I was a little sceptical. Their other flavours have been so good (they have Apple, Pear, Wild Berries, Strawberry Lime, etc).

I reviewed the drink with my mum, dad and MC for more opinions on the drink.

The colour of the drink is a pleasant peach which is a little different to the brighter pinks of the other flavours.

The drink itself is quite ginger-y, and in fact tastes a little like ginger beer.. It doesn’t taste of orange at all. I found myself comparing it to those orange and lime mineral waters and diet drinks available in supermarkets.

MC wasn’t much of a fan (he said it was his least favourite Rekorderlig flavour) but my mum and dad really enjoyed it. My mum said it would appeal to ginger beer lovers, such as my dad.


In conclusion, while all Rekorderlig drinks are light and refreshing for summer, the Orange & Ginger flavour isn’t for everyone.

If you are a ginger beer fan I would definitely recommend trying it. If not, then the only way to find out if you will like this drink is to go out and try it!


I rated this drink 4.5/10.


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