Noodle Bar, Double Bay ($)

Address: 368 New South Head Road Double Bay

* * *

This hole in the wall is just the type of place I would normally walk straight past.

It’s often quite busy and I see all sorts of people in there -from business men to tradies to children to older people. I have even seen Sydney hairdresser extraordinaire, Joh Bailey in here!

I decided to check it out with MC.

We walked up to the counter and ordered our meals: I ordered the Chilli Basil Chicken and MC ordered the Singapore Noodles with prawns. They were about $12 each.

My Chilli Basil Chicken came out first.

I was pretty happy with the portion size as there was more than enough for me, and the dish looked bright and tempting.

I love broccoli and baby corn so I was pleased to see there was plenty of these vegetables in the dish. I was also happy to find that there was a lot of chicken.

The dish was flavoursome and delicious and you could really taste that crispy fried basil in the sauce.

The dish came with a cup of steamed white rice which I enjoyed (for some reason I really like steamed rice and can eat it on its own!).

MC’s Singapore Noodles came out about 5 minutes after.

Although there was a large portion there were only about 4 prawns in the dish. The noodles were quite dry and I expected more vegetables, prawns, and perhaps egg or some bacon, in the noodles.

The noodles tasted OK but they would have been improved with some more prawns and vegetables.

Overall not a bad cheap lunch with decent food and fast service!

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