I finally got the chance to visit Laduree, Sydney!!!

Yesterday I finally got the chance to get some macarons from Laduree in Westfields Sydney.

On previous visits to Westfields after work (see Laduree in Sydney! and Laduree), the line was far too long for any sane person to wait in and so I had decided to put my french macaron experience off until another more convenient and less busy time.

This time I was able to avoid the queues and walk straight up to the counter as I visited the store at about 1.30pm in the afternoon.


The French staff make the experience a little more exciting with their snooty expressions and lovely accents.

The actual store itself is beautiful and very stylish and I love the green and gold emblem and the beautiful Parisienne chic decor.

The macarons were packaged in little green paper bags and put into a more sturdy green carry bag. I think a box would have been a better option as I found that a few of the macarons were squished when I got home. There are boxes available, but only if you buy a certain number of macarons.

I had high expectations of these macarons as some of my friends had described them as “the best macarons in the world”.


They were a lovely shape and there were some great flavours including salted caramel, chocolate, pistachio, raspberry, coffee, orange blossom, cherry blossom, chai/vanilla (I can’t remember), licorice and a strawberry-ish one. I ordered one of each flavour (except licorice as I am not a big fan of black licorice), and an extra orange blossom and two cherry blossom macarons. Each macaron costs $3.20 so this came to a total of $38.00 which is quite a lot for sweets!

When I tasted them I found them to be soft and moist on the inside. They were so easy to eat I could have eaten hundreds. However, while they were enjoyable and delicious and I couldn’t fault them, I didn’t think they were much different from Adriano Zumbo’s macarons or any other macarons I have tried. The only difference as far as I could tell was that the store looks fancy and they have French staff.

Laduree does make some beautiful macarons and some great flavours. For the full experience I would suggest eating in and ordering a pot of tea to enjoy with your macarons so you can truly indulge and enjoy the experience and the pretty store.

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