Yogurberry, Chatswood

Address: Shop 23, 445 Victoria Avenue Chatswood

Tel: (02) 9898 9966

Website: http://yogurberry.com.au/?p=company

* * *

It’s no secret that I love frozen yoghurt (see WowCow, Noggi).

In Chatswood last night I was craving some and my brother, who goes to school in Chatswood, showed me this new and different yoghurt place.

Yogurberry is now one of my fave fro-yo places as it is sold by weight not size/amount of toppings. This means that you get to serve yourself and can choose to add however much frozen yoghurt you want from a variety of flavours (there were 8 flavours available the day I went), and however many toppings you want.

I chose strawberry fro-yo with passionfruit, gummi bears, strawberries, mixed berries, lychee and mochi (rice cakes).

The cups are huge so it doesn’t look like much but there was as much fro-yo as in a regular Noggi serving.

While Noggi sells its various fro-yo sizes at a set price with 3 toppings included, you don’t get to choose how much of each topping you want. Moochi works similarly, but WowCow charges $1 extra per topping.

This is a much better idea as it allows you to create your own fro-yo which is much more fun. Even the staff were friendly and chilled out.

School students in their uniforms get 20% off or if you show them that you have liked their Facebook page, you can get 20% off too! They also have an offer where if your fro-yo is exactly 500 grams (worth $10.00) you get it for free!

Such a fun store and a great spin on the normal frozen yoghurt experience! Definitely recommend trying this!

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