Pink Salt, Double Bay ($-$$)

Address: 53 Cross Street, Double Bay NSW

Tel: (02) 9328 1664


* * *

Looking for somewhere comfortable and chilled to eat, and some shelter from the heat (I could be a poet!), MC and I noticed Pink Salt on Cross Street, Double Bay.

I had heard of the restaurant before as it was on the show My Restaurant Rules in 2007 with its owners, Evan and Bella. However, looking at the restaurant’s website now, there is no mention of Bella and it appears that Evan is now the sole owner of the restaurant.


When we went there we were the only customers at that time (about 1.30 pm on a Thursday). We saw Evan sitting by the door with a lady having a chat -you can see them in the photo of the outside sitting area, below.

We were able to choose where we wanted to sit, and sat outside one some white futons. We later regretted that decision as our eyes were strained by the glare, but we decided to stay there and soak in some vitamin D!

As there wasn’t anyone else there, the atmosphere was pretty dull and quiet. However, the beautiful sunny day and the coastal location, coupled with the bright pink and white decor and chandeliers, really added to the experience. Although the decor looks a little washed/dated, it is what makes Pink Salt unique and adds to its bohemian style.


We were greeted at the entrance by a lovely waitress who pointed out the lunch special and gave us a menu to look at. Service was excellent. The waitress was friendly and professional, quickly took our orders, and constantly topped up our water whenever she came to our table.


We decided to try the lunch special of a chicken, avocado, tomato and rocket toasted foccacia with chips. We also ordered some guava juice and coke to wash it down.

The sandwich was delicious, definitely one of the best chicken/avo sandwiches I’ve had. MC thought the bread was a little thick though. The chips were alright but were a little overcooked for my liking. I thought presentation was great and the food was brought out within about 10 minutes.


Overall not a bad dining experience. I would like to come here on a Friday or Saturday night to see what the restaurant is like on a busier day, and at night.


Overall I would rate my dining experience (out of 10):

    • Service- 7.5
    • Food- 7
    • Ambience- 3
    • Value – 8

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3 thoughts on “Pink Salt, Double Bay ($-$$)

  1. Glad you enjoyed the sandwich…did I mention we make the bread every morning. Come back and try the pulled pork roll its even better. cheers, Evan.


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