Product Review: Wild One – Blood Orange Sparkling Drink

Product: Wild One Blood Orange Drink

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When I went to the MasterChef Live Event I met a gentleman and his son who were promoting their family business, Wild One Beverages. We bought a few of their “premium sparkling” drinks and I decided to review the Blood Orange one.

Name of Product: Wild One Premium Sparkling

Flavour: Blood Orange

Produced: Australia

Available at: See

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The drink is of a cloudy pink colour and looks quite pretty in the bottle. it would be quite nice over some ice in summer or even with a few slices of blood orange in a glass.

The glass bottle adds to the “premium” look of the product but could make it a little heavy to carry to BBQs or picnics.

Nutritional Information

Although it is marketed as “premium sparkling”, which suggests that it is more of a sparkling drink than a soft drink, the product does have quite a high level of sugar (42.3 grams per bottle).

It does not have many nutritional benefits that I could ascertain from the bottle so I suppose it is more of a soft drink. That said, if you wanted something healthy you should really be drinking water (or perhaps try Wild One’s range of juices?).


The drink tastes pretty good. It is quite fizzy (lightly carbonated) and very sweet. For blood orange, a little more sourness could have improved the flavour, but then again I am a sucker for sour drinks and lollies!

At MasterChef Live we tasted some other flavours: Lime, and Strawberries and Cream being the most memorable. I am never really a fan of Lime but I LOVED the Strawberries & Cream which we were told was inspired by the Chupa Chup of the same name.


Overall, I would definitely recommend giving this drink a go. Even though it has a lot of sugar in it, many other soft drinks have high sugar levels as well so you might as well drink something that tastes nice and looks good!

The blood orange sparkling drink has a nice refreshing taste and the product is also Australian owned and made- another reason why we should support them!

Also check out some of the company’s juices for a more healthy drink option!



I give it 7/10.

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