Temasek, Parramatta ($$)

Address: 71 George St, Parramatta, NSW

Tel: (02) 9633 9926

* * *

I have decided to take a leaf out of NQN’s book and name some of my more regular dining companions to make my job easier when writing posts. My boyfriend has decided on the name MC.

Last night MC and I decided on a bit of an impromptu movie night and some dinner in Parramatta.

On the way to our chosen restaurant, Temasek, we saw this:

Wondering what was going on we decided to move in a little closer and asked the workers what was happening. We were told that filming for Wolverine was taking place! We noticed that some of the signs had been changed to look like an Asian town and we saw a few cars being filmed driving by, but other than that there wasn’t anything overly exciting happening!

It is pretty cool though that a a blockbuster featuring Hugh Jackman will be filmed (partially) in Parramatta! It’ll be interesting to watch the movie when it comes out and see if we can recognise the set!

So we got to Temasek and despite our lack of a reservation and the fact that the restaurant was pretty busy we were able to get a table for two. We were however asked to finish our meal within an hour. We thought this was easily manageable as we were planning to watch a movie afterwards anyway.


I have been to Temasek once before, but it was a while ago. The restaurant is often busy, being one of the more popular Malaysian restaurants in the West, if not in Sydney. Although it has a plain interior, the chatter of customers and the clinking of cutlery on plates gives it an authentic feel, as though it has been approved by the Malaysian and non-Malaysian customers eating there.

We were seated next to a table of three middle aged men and one of them was talking SO loudly that he was practically yelling. I overheard some racist comments about the people he deals with regarding a property of his, and some matter-of-fact observations about the wait staff at the restaurant. He yelled “OI” loudly at the waiters to get their attention and told them in a rude manner that they were bringing his food out in the wrong order. When the staff left with the rejected food he told his friends “that’s how you have to treat them to get them to give you good service.” I was absolutely disgusted at his behaviour and wouldn’t at all have been surprised if they had spat in his food or something (although I don’t condone such behaviour). Although I anticipated that this might ruin our meal, he seemed to quieten down a bit when the food came out.


We decided on three dishes to share between the two of us.

First out was the Haianese Chicken Rice which I have wanted to try for a while. This is a Singaporean dish of poached ginger chicken with stock infused rice served with various sauces. The chicken was deliciously moist and soft, and generally well-cooked except for a tiny part in one of my pieces of chicken which was a little too pink for my liking (you have to be careful with chicken!). The ginger flavour was quite noticeable, especially in the rice which was fragrant and moreish, and the sauces added a little extra kick to a dish which compared to other Asian dishes, is quite bland. Overall a great dish.

Next out was the Singapore Chilli King Prawns which we ordered medium. There were plenty of prawns and the sauce was thick and eggy. The prawns were cooked well, and were quite large- as King Prawns should be. The portions were quite big although I would have liked to see more cucumber or vegetables to garnish the plates and make them more presentable.

There was so much of our next dish, the Satay Beef, that we were unable to finish it. The sauce was nutty and had a delicious crunch to it and there was plenty of beef in the dish as well. Again, would have liked to see more vegetables to add some colour to the dish.

The Roti Canai that we ate the satay beef with was crispy and flaky. It would also have gone well with a spicier dish or curry or a beef rendang.


Overall a good meal with very reasonable prices and good portion sizes. Cost us about $65.00 all up.


Overall I would rate my dining experience (out of 10):

    • Service- 6.5
    • Food- 7.5
    • Ambience- 7
    • Value – 8

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One thought on “Temasek, Parramatta ($$)

  1. Hahah that is SO cool that you went past the set for Wolverine 2! Very cool. So funny to think they’ve dressed up Parramatta to look Japanese as well. lololol.

    Looks like a pretty tasty meal! I LOVE hainese chicken.. soo flavorsome and that roti looks super yummy too mmm so crispy


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