Excellent BBQ Hot Pot, Parramatta ($)

Address: 159-175 Church Street, Westfield Parramatta/Shop 2180, Parramatta

Tel; (02) 9891 5998

Opening Hours:

7 days- 9.00am to 1.00am

* * *

With about an hour to spare before our movie started (we watched Looper and it was mid-blowingly good- I recommend it!), we decided to grab a quick bite to eat.

We originally saw this place and thought we would get a hot pot since I haven’t had one for a few years, the last time being a small Korean place in Capitol Square in the CBD. However, once we got inside we were tempted by the other options on the menu and decided to go for some rice instead!


The actual restaurant is pretty bare and not very fancy at all. It is a basic, almost food court styled restaurant with a big signboard near the cash register with the menu on it.

Interior of the restaurant

There was a big pile of prawn cracker bags and boxes of various dishes on a table near the bbq duck window at the front of the restaurant.


Service was alright. As soon as we entered the restaurant we were greeted with a “hello”. We chose a seat by the window and within 2 minutes were served a hot pot of green tea.

As soon as we had looked at the menu and put it aside, the waiter came over to us and took our order. It was refreshing to not have to wait so long to order food, although this might be due to the fact that there was only one other table eating at the restaurant while we were there.


We chose to order some prawn crackers to munch on. How can you say no to these delicious, oily but crunchy munchies?!

We also ordered Salt and Pepper Prawns with rice and BBQ Pork with rice.

The Salt and Pepper Prawns were delicious. They were coated in a crisp but light batter and had pieces of garlic stuck to the outside of the batter. They were served with steamed rice and bok choy which freshened up the deep fried dish. The only negative about this dish would be that there weren’t that many prawns, but then again- can you ever have enough?

Salt and Pepper Prawns with rice

The BBQ Pork with rice was a bit of a disappointment. It had a nice red colour to it and there was plenty of pork on the plate, but the meat itself was very fatty and tough. It was difficult to eat and required a lot of chewing. The pieces of fat put me off a bit and I ended up picking the fat off the pork, which was annoying. It also had a very meaty smell to it which wasn’t very appealing. This dish was also served with steamed rice and bok choy.

BBQ Pork with rice

Overall not a bad cheap Chinese meal, but I probably wouldn’t return unless it was to actually try the hot pot.


Overall I would rate my dining experience (out of 10):

  • Service- 4
  • Food- 3.5
  • Ambience- 2
  • Value – 6

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