Balmoral Beach and Chowder Bay

Since we had a day off work and a beautiful Sydney day, we decided to explore the Mosman/Balmoral area of Sydney. The area is situated in Sydney’s lower north shore area and is one of the more expensive areas of Sydney due to its beautiful beach views. 

We drove through Mosman to Balmoral Beach and found a 12 hour parking. We paid $15.00 for about 4 hours of parking at Balmoral and $3.50 for an hour of parking at Chowder bay as there is virtually no free parking in the area.

We walked along the length of the beach, with its beautiful golden sand and crystal clear waters.

We also explored the little “island” called Rocky Point, which is connected to the beach by a small bridge.


You can see Rocky Point and the bridge leading to it in the background of the photo above.



A little boy flying his kite near Rocky Point

At the entrance to Rocky Point

Here are a few pics I took of the view from Rocky Point island:



Relaxing and enjoying the views 🙂




Balmoral has a beautiful gazebo/rotunda which is the setting for Shakespeare plays in summer, and is also a popular location for weddings.


As we were starting to get a little hungry, we had a look at the menu at the Bathers Pavilion which, although it sounded lovely, didn’t appeal to us today.

Bathers Pavilion


We decided that the weather and beachside location called for some fish and chips, and so we headed over to the nearest take-away which was buzzing with people and ordered 2 fishermans baskets and some iced tea! Yum!

Takeaway Shop

Fish n Chips

The fish was battered using a light tempura-styled batter, and the chips were crunchy and hot. We made sure to coat them well in chicken salt before we left the shop. Although I was soooo full afterwards, I thoroughly enjoyed this naughty meal!

We then continued our walk down the beach, stopping to take a few photos and admire the beautiful views.



We came across a little wishing well with sections for different types of wishes….



…..and the cute looking boatshed!

When we had walked the length of the beach, we turned and started walking through Balmoral park, heading towards the Balmoral to Taronga walk.





We continued on the walk for about 20 minutes (it takes 60 minutes in total), and decided we were too tired/full/fat/hot to continue!

So we turned back and grabbed some ice blocks, Rekorderlig cider and cold water from some stores by the beach to cool off.

We then jumped in the car (with an hour left on that ticket which we didn’t use) and drove to Chowder Bay.

Chowder Bay was named after the seafood chowder made by whalers and fisherman from their catches in and around the bay. There is a navy base located nearby and although the bay is small, there is a playground and a couple of restaurants including Ripples and the Sergeant’s Mess function venue to keep everyone happy!








After a lovely afternoon relaxing by the beach, we headed home.

I really enjoyed the day out and the perfect weather certainly helped. Although parking felt like a bit of a rip off, the view was beautiful and there was a lot to see and do.

I would definitely recommend a visit to Balmoral Beach or Chowder Bay this summer!

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