Cozy Thai, Wahroonga ($$)

Address: Shop 1, 46 Hampden Avenue Wahroonga

Telephone: (02) 9489 1120

* * *

Friday night brought another great dining experience when some friends and I decided to pay a visit to Cozy Thai in East Wahroonga.

It’s a little restaurant tucked away in a small shopping village in Sydney’s North Shore. The restaurant is usually full (this was the second time I had been there), and has a great, friendly atmosphere.

The restaurant is BYO and only serves soft drinks. Unfortunately we had forgotten to bring wine so we settled for Sprite and Cokes.

Service was great, our orders were promptly taken and the food came out quickly and still hot. The entrees were served first and the mains all came at the same time which enabled us to really enjoy all the different dishes we had ordered.


The four of us decided to share two entrees: chicken nutty, and satay chicken skewers. Each came with four items per entrée which was perfect for sharing!


Chicken Nutty

The chicken nutty was highly recommended by my best friend who says she always orders this dish. It was basically a rice paper roll stuffed with a satay/peanutty chicken and drizzled with coconut milk. The crushed peanuts gave a great crunchy texture, while the smooth rice paper went down a treat. While the portions were small (there being only one chicken nutty for each of us), this dish would be great shared between two people.


Satay Chicken Skewers

The satay skewers were delicious. They were marinated grilled chicken skewers topped with a peanut sauce which was the perfect balance of sweet and creamy. Delicious!


We all ordered steamed rice which came in a small bowl shared between two, which was more than enough as we also ordered noodles. If we had only ordered the rice however, we would probably have run out and needed more.


Lemon Grass Soy Duck

We ordered the lemon grass soy duck as one of our mains. While I don’t eat duck (as I used to have one as a pet!), my dining companions said it was delicious and well-cooked. And I will take their word for it as  the whole dish was quickly eaten up!


BBQ Pork

We also ordered some BBQ pork which was enjoyed by everyone. It came with a little sweet chilli sauce, although I would have preferred a stick soy dressing instead. It was well-cooked but was a little bit chewy in parts. Unlike the usual Asian BBQ pork dish, this was not a bright red pork dish, but looked as though it was more of a grilled “on the barbecue” type of pork.


Thai Green Chicken Curry

This dish was the typical green curry. A very standard Thai dish which never disappoints, we really enjoyed the Thai curry and the gravy itself was good enough to eat on its own! There was plenty of chicken in the dish and the bamboo and ginger gave the dish a little more texture and flavour. The gravy although not watery, was not very thick, and appeared to have been made using coconut milk (rather than coconut cream).


Chicken Pad Thai

The Pad Thai, while yummy, was not my favourite of the dishes as I felt it needed a little chilli to give it a kick. The noodles tasted great and the bean sprouts added a lot of bite to the dish, but there wasn’t very much chicken in the dish and overall I found it a little bland. One of my dining companions really enjoyed the dish however, and enthusiastically polished off the rest of the dish 🙂


Pork Jungle Curry

This generally spicy dish was selected by the “spice-lover” in our group, who was after something with a little heat!  The pork and vegetables were delicious and soft and the gravy was a bit lighter than the green curry gravy. While a little spicy, I felt it could have done with a little more chilli, but overall it was a great dish and my fellow diner definitely enjoyed it!


Overall the meal cost us about $28.00 each. Portion sizes for all of the dishes were pretty large and we were all full after the meal!


Overall I would rate my dining experience (out of 10):

  • Service- 8
  • Food- 7
  • Ambience- 7
  • Value – 8

We had a very enjoyable evening with great service, delicious food which we quickly ate up, and great company. I would definitely return again and I highly recommend you try it!

Cozy Thai on Urbanspoon


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