Taste of Malaya, Castle Hill ($$)

Address: Piazza Section of Castle Towers, Shop 5, 6-14 Castle St Castle Hill

Telephone: (02) 9634 8967

* * *

Last night I tried Taste of Malaya in Castle Towers’ Piazza. We didn’t have a reservation but were quickly seated in a spot by the window.


The piazza is normally quite busy so it was no surprise that the restaurant was almost full. The waiters were sort of rushing around trying to meet everyone’s demands and it was a while before we were given a menu (and we had to ask for it). When the food was served we didn’t have serviettes, chopsticks or napkins to eat our dishes when they were served, so had to ask for them as well which was a little frustrating.


Another thing which affected our dining experience was that the food didn’t come out all at once as requested, but came out whenever it was made which meant we had eaten one dish before the next one came out.

We didn’t have a specific waiter looking after our table. it was just anyone who was available at the time and whose attention we could get. One waiter was really helpful and nice and the others just served us food and left without saying a word.


Despite all of the above, the food was good and we had an enjoyable time.

First we were served our Chicken and Prawn Char Keow Teoh. It was hot and absolutely delicious! Everything was cooked well although the dish could have done with a little more prawns and chicken.

Overall a yummy dish!


Chicken and prawn Char Keow Teoh 

We then received the Malaysian Roti with Lamb Fillets, which was a little disappointing. The roti was basically a roti paratha, which my mum buys from the local spice shop, which wasn’t even cooked enough to be crisp and hot. The lamb fillets were like pieces of beef in black bean sauce meat and didn’t add much to the dish at all.


Malaysian Roti with Lamb Fillets

Despite the last dish not living up to our expectations we were pleased to receive the Chicken House Ayam. I was told that “ayam” means spice and so I put two and two together and figured out that this was a dish made using the house spice mix (tell me if I’m wrong!).

The dish presented well and smelt mouth-watering! We ordered it with a side of steamed rice wish was the perfect complement, and we thoroughly enjoyed the satay flavours of the dish. Some parts of the chicken looked a little undercooked (so we didn’t eat those) but the rest tasted great and I have not contracted food poisoning from it to date so I can only assume that it was fine!


House Ayam

Finally, we received the Thai Fish Cakes. They smelt and looked amazing but the actual fish cake was a little oily, and tasted rubbery. Overall not bad but probably not something I would go back to when there are so many other great dishes to try!


Thai Fish Cakes


Overall the bill was $58.00 which is pretty cheap for two people (under $30 each!). This included the four dishes (2 entrees and 2 mains), and our drinks (diet coke and beer).


Overall I would rate my dining experience (out of 10):

  • Service- 4
  • Food- 5
  • Ambience- 7
  • Value – 7

While we had an enjoyable evening (good company was a big part of it!), the service was a little lacking and there were a few minor issues with the dishes. The House Ayam was delicious as were the Char Keow Teoh noodles and I would recommend trying those, but perhaps stay clear or the roti and fish cakes!

Taste of Malaya on Urbanspoon

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