Noggi, Macquarie Shopping Centre ($)

Address: K411 Macquarie Shopping Centre, North Ryde NSW

Telephone: 9887 3096



* * *

I recently had my very first Noggi.

What is a “noggi” I hear you ask? I was wondering the same thing until last Saturday night when I decided to find out what all the hype is about!

Noggi is a frozen yoghurt food shop which sells different flavours of frozen yoghurt (such as green tea, original, pomegranate and biscotti), served with various toppings.

My friend and I were looking for a healthy snack option for the movies and being a lover of fresh and fruity iced foods, I decided to go with a grapefruit flavoured yoghurt with passionfruit, strawberry and Nerds as toppings. I was not disappointed as the yoghurt was refreshing, and the passionfruit and Nerds provided that tangy kick that I love so much!

It was relatively easy to eat even within the dark cinema, and I didn’t even need a drink to go with it! It was the perfect movie snack and I will definitely choose it over popcorn next time I’m in the cinemas.

I had a successful Noggi experience and I recommend that you all try it and experiment with the toppings and frozen yoghurt flavours!


Noggi on Urbanspoon

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