Thairiffic, Double Bay ($)

Thairiffic, Double Bay

Address: 346 New South Head Road  Double Bay NSW 2028

Telephone: (02) 9362 9546


* * *

I don’t often venture towards the Eastern Suburbs (or many places except for the North and CBD) but I happen to work at Edgecliff, so the other day I decided to try out Thairiffic.

It’s a small, cheap-eats sort of place but I often see people chowing down at lunchtime and on this particular occasion the smell of fresh Thai food was too enticing to resist!

I ordered my trusty favourite, cashew chicken and chose to have it with hokkien noodles.

The food was cooked fresh to order and came out in a big, glossy, hot pile with a dried chilli on top.

There was plenty of chicken and cashews, as well as a few (perhaps not enough?) snow peas and pieces of fried egg. The flavour was excellent and the sauce was the perfect mix of spicy and sweet.

The staff were friendly and service was quick, with there being no more than 3 minutes between ordering  and receiving my meal. This however, is probably due to the fact that there weren’t many other people at the restaurant at the time.

I would definitely recommend this particular dish.


Cashew chicken with hokkien noodles, $9.90

Thai Riffic on Urbanspoon


3 thoughts on “Thairiffic, Double Bay ($)

  1. Luckily for me there’s one at a food court under neath my building. I love their pad see eew. It is always jam packed with flavour. The smell gets me every time I walk past!


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